Diemeniana Auritus
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Rare photo of SCP-XXX, clearly showing the red coloration in wings

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The SCP-XXX specimens located at Site-██ must be held within a completely sound-proofed container. Every week the container must be tested for integrity, as the extent of cellular damage caused by SCP-XXX's hunting mechanism is currently unknown. If SCP-XXX breaches containment, its chamber is to be immediately purged by incineration.

Any SCP-XXX specimens found outside of Site-██ must be immediately destroyed. Any trees containing SCP-XXX eggs are to be incinerated, with appropriate cover stories provided to local media. If all specimens at Site-██ expire, the capture of ██ additional specimens for research is authorized.

Description: SCP-XXX is an unidentified species of cicada. SCP-XXX has the same physiology as other species of cicada, but instead of feeding on sap, SCP-XXX cicadas consume the fluid located within the cochlea and inner ear, known as endolymph. The only distinguishing visual feature of SCP-XXX is a thin red line on the edge of the wings.

SCP-XXX hunts using an undetermined frequency of sound, estimated to be extremely close to the upper range of human hearing, that causes adverse psychological and physical effects. This sound is unperceivable in noisy environments, but causes a phenomenon usually described as 'deafening silence' by those who experience it in quiet places. The first effect of this sound is headache and nausea, followed by extreme dizziness, and finally uncousciousness. Extremely close exposure to the sound has been shown to cause severe damage to lung and brain tissue, through the destruction of microscopic cells. Unless SCP-XXX cicadas remain in long-term contact, the attacks are usually non-fatal, but will leave victims deaf and impair their balance so severely that walking becomes impossible.

SCP-XXX will find prey in a quiet environment, and use it's ability to incapacitate the target. SCP-XXX will then crawl behind the target's ear, use its probiscis to puncture the skin, and drain the cochlea of inner ear fluid.

Addendum-XXX-01: On ██-██-████, the town of ██████, ██ suffered approximately ███ casualties caused by SCP-XXX. Witnesses reported a massive cloud of SCP-XXX cicada traveling through the town. The number of cicadas in the cloud was estimated at ██████████, while the sound pressure level reached an approximate 178 decibels. Autopsies revealed burst ear drums, fatally compromised lungs, and severely damaged nervous systems and brain tissue.

Note from O5-██: It's obvious that the SCP-XXX specimens in our custody aren't the only ones, and we have no idea how many could be out there. The complete extermination of any SCP-XXX specimens found outside Site-██ should be considered to be a top priority due to the immediate threat it poses to the general population.

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