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Item #: SCP-███-J

Object Class: ██████

Special Containment Procedures: See [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-███-J is to be [REDACTED] at Site-██ in a ███ meter containment cell. No personnel below level ████ (█) is to enter SCP-███-J without [DATA EXPUNGED]. No personnel below level ███ are to view SCP-███-J's uncensored files, either. SCP-███-J must remain [DATA EXPUNGED] at all times. [DATA EXPUNGED].

In the event of a ███████████ ██████, the containment cell's ██████ are to [REDACTED] in a [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-███-J is a [DATA EXPUNGED] that takes the appearance of a ██████ ████. If a ██████ █████ is to [DATA EXPUNGED] towards the subject, it will [REDACTED]. It appears to be he most ████████ █████ at Site-██. [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-███-J was found in ███████, ████ at [REDACTED] near a █████ ████ being [REDACTED] by Agent █████. Agent █████ was [REDACTED] after the situation was handled. ██ hours (█ days), Agent █████ was [REDACTED].

SCP-███-J [REDACTED] in a [DATA EXPUNGED]. If any personnel are to ███████ SCP-███-J, they are to ████████ and ███████ it in a ██████ environment. Once ███████ in the required environment, it is to receive ██████ treatment using [DATA EXPUNGED].


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