SCP-???? "Mouthless"
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: subject is to be kept in a standard containment cell. All guards to be positioned, or operating within 300 meters of SCP-XXXX are to be made fully aware of his existence as well as his abilities.

Description: In its static state, not in the presence of any humans that are currently aware of him, recordings have shown SCP-???? to look humanoid in shape, but as if he were made of a flowing liquid similar in color and behavior to mercury. Subjects face however is still solid, although silvery it does not exhibit the flowing behavior of the rest of the body. Subjects facial structure appears mostly human, aside from the lack of a mouth, and a darkened area around the eyes.

SCP-???? has shown the ability to change into any person from within someone's memories, as long as they are aware of him. However the transformation is not complete. When the subject is taking form of a human they look completely normal but still lack the mouth and exhibit the darkened eyes in the same way SCP-???? does when in his Static form.

Subject has also shown the ability to project an image of his face onto another human. The human being projected onto will be unaware, but will appear to have no mouth, and the darkened eyes of SCP-????. This has shown to be a method of making people aware of SCP-???? without actually being in their line of sight.

At this point we are unaware of any harmful effects from SCP-????. However he has been classified as Euclid due to the nature of his discovery. Subject was first encountered in ████, TX after reports of patients being admitted to ██████ for psychiatric treatment, after claiming a mouthless man had been stalking them. Agent ███ was in the area and sent to investigate, and was unable to find anything.

SCP-???? was believed to be encountered again in ████, AZ when [Redacted] went on a shooting spree and killed ██ claiming he had to rid the world of those mouthless [Epletive]. [Redacted] was brought in for interview (Interview ????CAS01) and was then terminated.

Addendum: After Incident ????-4 and interview ????-4 SCP-???? Is to be allowed to care for a canine companion. Subject has made it clear that this along with the other changes to his containment will keep him from any further attempts at escaping. Canine is of an unknown breed, mostly Rhodesian Ridgeback with several of breeds mixed in. SCP-???? has been provided a closet that is to be stocked with food. He has made it clear he wishes to be responsible for the canine as much as possible, and as such will be in charge of feeding, grooming, exercising, and any other needs the canine presents.

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