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Item #: SCP-1972

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: To suppress auditory contact with SCP-1972, acoustic de-coupling method through air flow control proves to entirely eliminate its frequencies. The use of noise cancellation generators is as effective. Generators should be equipped with a receiver that analyzes the waves SCP-1972 emits as it switches from one to another. In case of power outages, a sound-proofed locked container exceeding the 550 x 61 x 366 cm dimension is sufficient. Due to the nature that SCP-1972 perpetually emits inconsistent sound waves, daily rotation of spare containers should be exercised when using this method. Assigned personnel should use hearing protections when replacing containers. Personnel who show any response to SCP-1972 are not fit and should be reassigned to another sector.

Description: SCP-1972 is a blank wall-scale painting measuring about 550cm in length, 366cm in height , and 20cm deep with a copper frame adorned with depictions of demons (circ. 1480). Frame consists of four demonic heads placed on each corners and an eye at the top-most center. Undecipherable characters are etched on the spaces between the heads, possibly of Proto-Germanic origin.

SCP-1972 was brought in to the Foundation by a third-party agency known as ███. A crime report is provided:

SCP-1972 is observed to constantly emit frequencies audible only to a specific demographic profile. Auditory volume seems to be high on individuals with right-brain hemisphere superiority.

A security communication record is provided to enforce the said observation:

Whether or not SCP-1972 is sentient or an instrument of sadistic propaganda is still arguable. Interviews are prohibited due to the object’s violative nature towards individuals who are able to pick up its frequency.

Performing an analysis on the remains of Kurou ████████ may shed light into understanding SCP-1972 more.

Addendum 1972-A : Early speculations suggests a symbiotic mutualism between the object and subject-1972-1. Interviews from the ████ incident reevaluated that SCP-1972 is parasitic. It is also a common behavior that

Addendum 1972-A-1 : Reanimation tests on subject 1972-A resulted to a security breach in Sector ████████ , a total of three casualties including the Director in charge was reported. Tests were discontinued; the assigned AAR team was disbanded.

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