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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-xxx's location in orbit around Mars's moon Deimos, containment is currently impossible. SCP-xxx is to be closely monitored for any unusual deviation from its normal rotational path. Nearby satellites, both natural and man-made, are to be kept clear of SCP-xxx's path and any satellite images taken within the vicinity of SCP-xxx are to be destroyed or doctored.

National governments are currently in cooperation with the Foundation to cover up any knowledge of SCP-xxx to the general public and should be monitored for the possibility of an information leak. Any such leak is to be masked as a hoax and promptly removed from public awareness.

Description: SCP-xxx is the command module of the Apollo 19 spacecraft launched by NASA on July 23, 197█. Apollo 19 experienced multiple malfunctions before breaking apart within 200,000 km of Mars, killing all 4 crew on board. SCP-xxx drifted near Deimos and was somehow captured in its orbital pull. SCP-xxx has extensive exterior damage and appears to have stopped all visible mechanical function.

SCP-xxx will periodically dispatch a radio transmission in the general direction of Earth. All 236 broadcasts consist of a simple S.O.S. distress call in Morse code, repeated 2-15 times before ceasing.

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