SCP-Super Violin
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Item #: SCP-x

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X must be contained in a small 3x3x3 wooden crate, with a standard lock. Only one key may be made available to a single level 3 personnel. SCP-X-1 must be kept in a separate wooden box of appropriate length, locked with a combination lock. This combination must be known by only one level 3 personnel, obviously separate from the one with the key. Both the keyholder and the one in charge of the combination will not be allowed within 3 meters of either container for more than twenty seconds, and the two individuals are never allowed in the same room as SCP-X and SCP-x-1 at the same time.

Description: SCP-x is, by all appearances, a normal wooden violin. It was hand carved in ████ by famous Luthier ██████ ███ ███████. It is made out of a dark wood that resembles spruce, but is from no known tree on record. It is a 4/4 violin, giving it a total of 35 cm. The strings are normal strings, and all of the other parts are interchangeable with any existing violin. A treble clef has been burned into the front on the middle bout, on each side of the strings. This feat has proven noteworthy as it has been discovered that SCP-x cannot be burned by any conventional means. The violin can be played by any bow of required size, however, it is only affected by SCP-x-1, discovered along side of it.

SCP-X-1 is a bow of 75 cm length, and composed of the same material as SCP-x, exhibiting the same fire proof qualities and dark hue. As with the violin, any hair for the bow is able to be used or interchanged. When SCP-x-1 is used to play SCP-x, the last song the violinist heard will be flawlessly played, although completely in violin notes. The effect has proved true even for solo vocal performances, although instead of a words or a voice, the violin merely plays the melody. How it achieves this, or the replication of multi-instrument pieces is unknown.

Playing SCP-X will trap the violinist in a constant loop of the last song they heard, unable to stop playing for water or food. The only way to stop is for a third person to intervene, most often through physical pain and separation from both objects. Should separation not occur from both subjects, the musician will be compelled to continue from where he last ceased in the song. If successfully separated, neither SCP-x nor SCP-x-1 shall be held by any one individual for more than twenty seconds, as this will cause compulsion in the holder to begin to perform, although it will free the previous holder. As long as a distance of 3 meters is kept, any individuals that have had contact with the violin or the bow will lose their need to play the instrument.

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