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SCP-XXX Containment Facility

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The containment facility for SCP-XXXX is a pre-existing aircraft hangar in a remote field near ███████ in former East Germany. Within the hangar are three secure-access buildings, two of which house elevator shafts and accompanying machinery for the subterranean access points. The third is a 20m square roofless enclosure with walls of standard concrete 3m high surrounding the Biological Fatality Zone. A team of four armed guards are to patrol the perimeter of this enclosure, entry to which is gained by either of two steel plate doors. Another team of six armed guards patrol the interior and exterior perimeters of the hangar.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a subterranean structure similar to a parking garage, in that it is composed of floors and a ceiling slab connected (except for the bottom floor) by square columns at each corner. There are six floors connected, and a seventh which is “free-floating.” The structure is 107m square and 179m deep, not including the 2m of earth between ground-level and the top of the roof slab. Each level is 21m high, separated by a 4m slab of granite. Each floor is completely filled with [REDACTED], with the exception of the bottom level.
Suspended within each of the top six levels are over 4 million tetrahedrons (see detailed description below) of unknown origin or composition, spaced 37cm on-center in all directions. Each of the top six levels shares this configuration, for a total of [REDACTED] tetrahedrons within the structure. The bottom level features a sporadic collection of obelisks 10cm on a side and 10m tall. The obelisks are situated with their bases touching, allowing 100 per square meter. As of this record there are ███ obelisks remaining, out of a (presumed) original 1,144,300, which would have filled the available area of level 7.
The tetrahedrons, suspended in the earth in apparently random orientations, emit pulses of sub-sonic vibrations, each unique, in an apparently random fashion. Every 77.61184 days (see detailed description below) all the tetrahedrons pulse in unison for .73 seconds, coinciding with the Biological Fatality Event: any living thing, plant or animal, within a 10m^2 area enclosed within the central building at ground level, is [REDACTED] instantaneously. At this time, one of the base-level obelisks is consumed from the top down by a pale blue flame. Complete obliteration of an obelisks lasts 1.56 minutes.

Discovery and analysis :

SCP-XXXX was brought to the Foundation’s attention in February ████ after an infiltration of the hangar by ██████ authorities, during which they discovered not only the munitions they sought, but also a partially-completed vertical shaft excavation and a central fenced area littered with [REDACTED].
Initial studies using ground-penetrating radar revealed the superficial structure, as well as the then-unidentified tetrahedral objects suspended within the ████████ substrate between granite slabs. Due to the unusually high density of the structure, radar was able to penetrate completely through the first level and partially into the second. Excavation continued on the original and a second elevator shafts at opposing corners of the structure. GPR was used from within chambers excavated lateral to and below the structure. These studies, as well as use of SCP-███ are the source of all we can indirectly visualize of SCP-XXXX.
Level 7, the bottom-most of them all, is cavernous and stale, easily explored by survey teams. An accurate count of obelisks was made, and nothing else of note was documented, other than feelings of unease and nausea among the personnel.
The tetrahedra on the first six levels are all of an identical shape and size, though randomly oriented. They measure approximately 4cm on each edge. Due to our inability to excavate, surface details have not yet been observed. Their behavior (i.e. pulses of sub-sonic energy) seems to suggest that the structure of SCP-XXXX operates as a computer, and the fact that the Level 7 obelisks are consumed like some sort of power source leads us to believe that this computer is counting down to some eventuality in the near future.

Selected Test Results :

Date: ████████ Survey Team ██, using GPR and excavation equipment, attempt to clear substrate from level 4 and expose tetrahedral "nodes." Ensuing explosion and uncontrollable fire result in █ dead and ██ wounded. No structural penetration achieved.

Date: ████████ Survey Teams ██ and ██ attempt to record sub-sonic pulses for a 24-hour period. After recording and analysis, no discernable pattern detected. Dr. ███████ orders automated recording for maximum possible duration. ███ hours of continuous pulses are subsequently analyzed, resulting in the discovery of a repeating pattern. Results reveal [REDACTED].

Date: ████████ Survey Team ██ is on-site for the first recorded "77-Day Event." Of the 12 stations recording transmission, 9 were completely destroyed by the pulse, and 1 of the remaining was rendered inoperable when its operator, stationed directly above the structure within the previously fenced area, contaminated the machine when he [REDACTED].
The remaining two recording stations had matching data, which revealed that the pulse event was directional, and possibly incidentally lethal due to its signal-strength.

Date: ████/2012: 27 days after the latest "77-Day Event," Kepler 20-d is discovered, along with 4 other planets, orbiting an G-type star 1000 light-years from earth. Kepler 20-d has an orbital period exactly equal to the 77-Day Event cycle.

Journal Notes:

From the personal journal of Dr. ██████████ dated ████/2012
The last pulse event at XXXX locked in the data. There’s no denying it now- after all these years we have found the proof we’ve been searching for. There is a [REDACTED] out there, and it is coming. The remaining power units on Level █ will last another ██ years- and it’s not enough. Nowhere near enough. We simply cannot organize a proper defense in so short a time. My only consolation- and it is as selfish as it is bleak- is that I will not live to see it happen. God have mercy on us all.

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