SCP 1031
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Item #: SCP-1031

Object Class: Safe(See footnote)

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be kept in a simple storage unit in the restricted access section of warehouse ███

Description: Object Is a decorative metal goblet capable of holding roughly 13 fluid oz, the metal has been identified as common steel

Object was found at a Renaissance fair in ██████, Michigan after the unusual death of a fair patron(died by swallowing molten cobalt). it was part of a set produced by a local metalworker made for sale at the event. All other pieces of the set have been procured, but have displayed no anomalous properties. interrogation of the metalworker himself indicated the item was entirely mundane before being sent to the event for sale.

The goblet displays it's unusual properties only when filled with a foreign liquid, and then imbibed by a human being(testing on various animal species all ended with negative activity). when a liquid is introduced into the human mouth, it spontaneously transmutes into a different, seemingly random liquid. some observed examples have been:

-Molten cobalt

-Rat blood

-Grape soda


-Saliva(unidentified source)

-sulfuric acid

-Motor oil



note that each tasting alters the liquid. all results above save for the cobalt where obtained in a single filling.

Footnote: Though classed as safe, SCP-1031 still poses grave risk of physical harm to anyone who attempts to use it for it's intended purpose, and should be kept in a restricted access zone when not employed in foundation approved experiments

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

Item#: SCP-1022

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1022 is to be kept in a standard 2.4m x 3.0m cell with a door frame that matches its size. The door frame is to be replaced weekly, and the cell is to be cleaned weekly. During cleaning procedures, SCP-1022 is allowed to roam freely the halls outside and around its cell. When cleaning procedures are done, SCP-1022 is to be escorted back to its cell. Absolutely no class D personnel are allowed to escort SCP-1022 back to its cell under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-1022 is an "eggshell" white door roughly 2.1 meters tall and 1.1 meters wide with a standard copper plated door knob. SCP-1022 has the ability to move about on its own without a door frame. When attached to a door frame SCP-1022 will remain stationary at the door frame until its removed from the door frame. The door knob attached to SCP-1022 cannot be turned or used unless SCP-1022 is attached to a door frame.

SCP-1022 was discovered when several reports of missing persons all linked with the same house in [REDACTED]. Police investigated several different times. SCP-1022 was brought to the foundation's attention when during a police investigation a police officer was reported stepping through SCP-1022 talking about bowling and disappeared. After a vigorous search throughout the state the officer was found at the local bowling alley. soon after the officer was found the foundation was called and detained SCP-1022.

When attached to a door frame, SCP-1022 can be used as a portal to wherever you want to go. For example, if you wanted to go to Paris France, you would open the door via the door knob, and step through the door fame with the location (e.g. France) in mind. When you step through the door frame completely, the door will close itself and a flash of white light will be seen from behind it. Once the flash has gone back to normal, the subject inside SCP-1022 will be transported to the desired destination. (For a list of test performed with SCP-1022, see addendum 1022-A)

Addendum 1022-A: testing log for SCP-1022:
TEST #1: Class D personnel was instructed to step through SCP-1022 with a desired destination. Class D personnel stepped through SCP-1022 thinking about a strip club and was found at a local strip club.

TEST #2: Class D personnel was given the same instructions but was given 200$ in cash (just to see what would happen). The subject was teleported to a bar. when the subject was teleported the 200$ did not teleport with him. Current reason as to why is unknown.

TEST #3: Class D personnel was instructed to drive a bike through SCP-1022 with desired destination in mind. The subject was teleported to a road just outside the walls around the class D personnel containment facility. When the subject was teleported the bike teleported with him. When the subject was recovered he was found dead with the bike fused to him. (to see a report on the second test subject's pocket contents, see addendum 1022-B)

TEST #4: 2 class D personnel were instructed to hold hands and step through SCP-1022 with a destination on sight the could agree on in mind. The subjects were teleported to the cafeteria. When the subjects were recovered the were alive but in critical condition. They were both fused together like horribly disfigured Siamese twins. Attempts to separate them were successful but ugly.

TEST #5: 2 class D personnel was instructed to hold hands and step through SCP-1022 with separate destinations on sight in mind. Subject 1 was teleported to his cell. Subject 2 was teleported to the fitness room. When both test subjects were recovered they were found dead with a mixture of each other fused with themselves. no separation procedures were performed.

Addendum 1022-B: Pocket contents of TEST #2 subject: when the pockets of the subject used in TEST #2 were checked they were found to be fused to a 200$ bill (we gave him 20,10$ bills,). Separation procedures failed.

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