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Item #: SCP-957

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-957 must be contained in a room measuring three (3) meters by three (3) meters. Only LEVEL 4 Security will be allowed to enter the room. Any personnel that approach SCP-957 and do not stop after crossing the 1-meter mark will be chastised. Two (2) LEVEL 4 Security personnel with be stationed outside the door of entry to SCP-957's room.

Description: SCP-957 was recovered on ████, 20██, near ██████ , Cuba. Foundation officials were notified when two men who had entered the abandon house SCP-957 was found in. The two men, when looking at SCP-957, were instantly consumed by said object. The woman that had come with the men fled the area and notified Cuban police. Foundation officials quickly recovered the site, and removed SCP-957 to an SCP Foundation facility in [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-957 resembles a blue tank of caramel, one (1) meter tall. It has not been identified to have any mental control or ability to make people want to come in contact with it. It can easily be ignored. When approached, SCP-957 has been recorded to "pull" people inside (Note: SCP-957 seems to be aware it is being watched, and will take alongside the humans it "consumes" any methods or devices recording it). This does not happen without humans (see below). Video recording does not show any human remains inside the tank. Hair, bones, flesh, and any liquids inside humans are not present. Approximately two (2) hours after "consumption" of a human, SCP-957 fills up with more caramel. It is 70% full. The addition of caramel depends on the human that was "consumed", specifically correlated to weight.

SCP-957 does not "consume" anything other than humans. Multiple electronic devices, small animals, and inanimate objects like toys or books are ignored by SCP-957. The reason why is unknown. However, SCP-957 does not "consume" humans that have died. Further testing will be approved to find out why.

Addendum: SCP-957's previous site has been thoroughly searched by SCP officials. On top of a desk within the area (previously a home), a newspaper article dated ██████, 19██. The front page reads "GRAND CANDYMAKER ████████ COMMITTED SUICIDE AFTER HORRIFIC DEATH OF HIS GRANDSON". The article shows a picture of an elderly man holding a piece of chocolate, with a sub-caption "Grand Candymaker". The article describes the death of ██████'s grandson, who had fallen into a batch of molten caramel. The grand candymaker had committed suicide after this death, and the site had been closed down indefinitely, only to be recovered by Foundation officials.

Addendum A-1: SCP-957 has made contact with Foundation officials. Dr. ██████ scheduled an interview with SCP-957.

Interviewed: SCP-957
Interviewer: Dr. ██████
Foreword: On [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-957 emitted sounds similar to a crying child. Dr. ██████ scheduled an interview. For safety reasons, Dr. ██████ interviewed SCP-957 from a different room.

Dr. ██████: "Hello?"

SCP-957: "¿Qué?" [What?]

Dr. ██████: "Do you speak English?"

SCP-957: "No! No! Ayúdame!" [No, no, help me!]

[SCP-957 no longer complied, even with a Spanish translator.]

Closing Statement: A request for one (1) attempt per week to communicate with SCP-957 has been approved and will commence immediately. It can be classified as sentient.

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