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Item #: SCP-1531

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1531 samples are extreme biological hazards and all related protocols apply. SCP-1531 samples are to only be maintained at G2 sites equipped with Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) facilities. SCP-1531 samples can be destroyed by incineration or irradiation.

Incineration and irradiation measures will be deployed in the event of:

  • External action (exempli gratia political or military instability) which may result in the facility being dismantled.
  • A failure of primary and secondary power systems.
  • Zero communications from operatives or outside channels during any given eight (8)-hour period.

The quarantine period for operatives leaving the facility is four (4) months. If a breach has occurred, incineration and irradiation measures shall be deployed. It should be the policy of all G2 sites to not prepare an evacuation procedure. The bodies of deceased test subjects are to be irradiated and incinerated before proper biohazard disposal. In the event of an SCP-1531 outbreak in the general population, the affected area is to be quarantined, all infected persons euthanized, and all contaminated items and remains incinerated.

For additional information relating to testing containment procedures, see Addendum 1.

Description: SCP-1531 is a prion, known to exist in two strains, designated Strain A and Strain B. While the traits and effects of SCP-1531 have been well documented by Foundation researchers, the precise biological mechanics by which SCP-1531 causes these effects are not well understood.

Trait Strain A Strain B
Airborne Yes No
Waterborne Yes Yes
Transmissible through bodily fluids Yes Yes
Persistence Low (99.9% of samples in room conditions inert within ten minutes) High
Infectiousness 95% of subjects exposed developed symptoms 100% of subjects exposed developed symptoms
Lethality 2% of subjects exposed died of complications 100% of subjects exposed died of complications
Prognosis 30% of subjects exposed recovered 0% of subjects exposed recovered

NOTE: Blood samples from subjects exposed only to Strain B in all cases contained instances of Strain A, while blood samples from subjects exposed only to Strain A in no cases contained instances of Strain B.

SCP-1531's Strain A has the following symptoms, which appeared within five minutes of exposure:

  • Disorientation
  • Dizziness
  • Impaired judgement
  • Lowered inhibitions
  • Heightened libido

These symptoms were generally moderate. Thirty percent of exposed test subjects recovered completely within one week of exposure. The remaining test subjects have failed to recover to date, having been exposed ██ years ago. These test subjects are housed in the Biological Isolation Unit at G2 Site [REDACTED].

SCP-1531's Strain B has the following symptoms, which appeared within thirty seconds of exposure:

  • Extremely impaired judgement
  • Inhibitions lowered almost to non-existence
  • Exceptionally heightened libido
  • Substantial increases in testosterone production in both male and female subjects
  • Substantial increases in estrogen production and equally substantial decreases in progesterone production in female subjects
  • Failure of higher brain functions (occurs 18-36 hours after exposure)
  • Death from major organ failure (occurs 36-96 hours after exposure)

These symptoms were generally extreme. All exposed test subjects expired within ninety-six hours of initial exposure.

Research shows that subjects exposed to Strain B will seek to engage in sexual intercourse with individuals of their preferred gender to the exclusion of nearly any other activity, including eating and sleeping. Test subjects isolated from their preferred gender will become hostile and aggressive towards subjects not of that gender (if present) and will seek sexual stimulation through masturbation if alone. Subjects exposed only to Strain A did not display this behavior.

At present, no further human subject testing is authorized, though long-term observation of those subjects exposed only to Strain A continues. Current SCP-1531 research is primarily aimed at developing countermeasures to the contagion and preventing research which may lead to the synthesis (deliberate or accidental) of SCP-1531 in the future.

SCP-1531 is not known to exist outside of Foundation containment, though it is possible that it may exist in nature or be possessed by governments or groups of interest. SCP-1531 could be employed as a biological warfare agent without modification. The combination of both strains effects would likely result in major destabilization of a local or regional population, depending on population density and transportation capabilities. Though the possibilities of a global pandemic are remote, in no small part due to the incredible speed at which SCP-1531 spreads, the possibility exists. Deployment of SCP-1531 as a bioweapon is not currently planned and requires unanimous written approval of all thirteen Overseers.

Addendum 1: Testing Containment Procedures
Research subjects are to be housed in biological isolation facilities and are to have absolutely no direct contact with individuals not wearing BSL-4 approved hazardous material suits. All subjects are to remain in biological isolation facilities until such time as one of the following sets of conditions have been met:

  • Subject dies. (Euthanization is permitted only with permission of the Site Director, Project Lead, Site Chief of Security, and/or an Overseer.)
  • Subject has been in solitary biological isolation separated from items contaminated with SCP-1531 for a period of no less than five years since their last blood sample tested positive for SCP-1531, and written permission is granted by no fewer than five Overseers. (To date, such permission has never been granted.)
  • Unanimous special written exception granted by all surviving Overseers in the event of an unforeseen K-class scenario.

Subjects are to provide blood samples once every twenty-four hour period; while personnel in BSL-4 hazmat suits may take these samples, it is preferred that either robotic equipment be used or that subjects be trained in taking their own samples.

Depending on research parameters, subjects are to live in one of the following accommodations:

  • Solitary bio-isolation unit. (Short term research or punitive purposes only.)
  • Single-sex group bio-isolation dormitory. (Short term research only.)
  • Co-ed group bio-isolation dormitory. (Permissible for short or long term research.)

Currently, all ██ subjects exposed only to Strain A of SCP-1531 are housed in the Biological Isolation Unit at [REDACTED]. Except for ██ subjects housed in solitary bio-isolation units due to poor behavior, all subjects reside in the facility's purpose-built co-ed group bio-isolation dormitory.

Provided subjects display good behavior, they are to be provided with reading material (electronic format only) and access to movies and television for entertainment. Internet access is not permitted.

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