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Video still of joint encounter with SCP-1444 during EXP-1444/████-1. ██-██-199█

Item #: SCP-1444

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1444 is to be contained in a 300 m x 4 m x 4m concrete tunnel located 500 meters below ground. The tunnel is only to be accessible through one 60 cm thick stainless steel door with a full perimeter inflatable pneumatic edge seal and electromagnetic locking mechanism. 2 closed-circuit cameras are to be placed back-to-back every 10 meters within the tunnel and monitored 24 hours a day. A Rapid Response Task Force numbering no fewer than 15 is to be housed above-ground at the entrance to the containment area.

A D-class Chinese national who has never been abroad and possesses monolingual fluency of standard Mandarin must regularly be present within containment to execute Protocol 25-Watchtower. D-class personnel must be drawn from rural areas of mainland China, preferably without ever having visited a tier-one or tier-two city. When Protocol 25-Watchtower expires, a replacement must be introduced within 24 hours.

Both underground Foundation security personnel and the RRTF must notify Overwatch HQ directly in the event of a breach.

(UPDATED CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: ██-██-199█): The Three Realms Hui (三曹會) is not to be notified of a breach under any circumstances unless given explicit permission from O5 Command.

Description: Sightings and encounters with SCP-1444 were reported throughout the Chinese diaspora in California between 18██ and 19██. None of these encounters ever came to the attention of California law enforcement (Possibly due to superstition and/or ancestral reverence - Dr. Falconetti) and eluded Foundation notice for decades. The Foundation became involved in tracking SCP-1444 after being passed a "dead lead" by FBI UIU Agent █████ ███ on ██-██-198█. One failed attempt at containment of SCP-1444 was made by Foundation Personnel in [REDACTED], California on ██-██-198█ (see [DATA EXPUNGED]) before it was successfully tracked and contained in [REDACTED], California on ██-██-198█.

SCP-1444 is a humanoid entity of Han descent, age undetermined. It is clothed in the garb of a Chinese railroad laborer circa 1840s California. It prefers damp industrial spaces below ground and, when left unmolested, carefully chooses the individuals with which it comes into contact. It engages all new individuals empathically in an outdated variant of Mandarin, asking the same questions in the same order (see [DATA EXPUNGED], Log SCP-1444-1). If the individual fails to respond, responds in a different dialect or language, or responds in Mandarin but fails to answer the questions satisfactorily, SCP-1444 begins to exhibit signs of distress and any further communication with that individual at any point in the future is met with sporadic bursts of shrieking that empathically engender terror, panic, and a drive to escape in all individuals present. Acts of violence have thus far proven to provoke an ████████ event in all instances. (see [DATA EXPUNGED], Exploration SCP-1444-1/███-████-█, Audio Excerpt of Incident SCP-1444-2).

SCP-1444 Addendum: As of ██-██-199█, transportation and testing of SCP-1444 have been suspended indefinitely.

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