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[[>imagesource]]Item #: SCP-xxx

Object class:Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-xxx is to be kept in a Secure containment locker at Site XX. Any testing or access to SCP-xxx must be approved by the O5 and a security log with every person ever to have handled SCP-xxx is to be kept due to the immense possibilities of misuse of the object.

Description: SCP-xxx is a 14cm tall, 12cm wide pewter hip flask with a screw-on cap attached to it by a small chain. It is believed to have been created in 1812 as it is the year engraved on the center of the flask but no such research has been conducted and has not been deemed necessary. It is worn out and the decorations on it have faded over the years.

If a person who ingests liquid from SCP-xxx is facing any problems which involve breaching, overpowering, eluding or otherwise overcoming any kind of security, the subject will then get an idea of how to do it, and will show remarkable skill in whatever action that was undertaking overcoming security at each given time. Subjects however have not been observed showing any change in physical or athletic ability while testing and SCP-xxx's effects seem to be limited to inspiring those who ingest it's contents.

SCP-xxx has not been observed to change liquids stored in it on any observable level.

Incident xxx-01-03
Three different D-class personnel escaped confinement via the same method while testing SCP-xxx. Security recordings show the three different D-class personnel drink from the flask. After a brief pause, each then approached the electrical security lock to the door, pry open the plastic cover and rip out only one wire which then deactivated the lock. Though no security recordings are available, one of the security staff on site reports seeing D-xxx-02 flawlessly knock out his colleague and simply evade other security staff.
D-xxx-01-03 were all captured and when interviewed about their uncanny escape they stated that they weren't sure if they could unlock the door and were "just lucky".

Part of the interview following D-xxx-02's recapture

  • Dr. [Redacted] - So… how did you manage to disengage the security lock, overcome the guard outside and escape the facility with no help and no equipment.
  • D-xxx-02 - I don't know, i just wanted to get out of here so i guess i got lucky.
  • Dr. [Redacted] - Did you do anything specific before or after drinking from the flask?
  • D-xxx-02 - Nothing specific, no. I just wished i wouldn't have to be in that wretched facility of yours.
  • Dr. [Redacted] - I see… And you just walked out the locked door, beat up one of the guards and ran away.
  • D-xxx-02 - I knew i couldn't get out but after taking a sip of that scotch you gave me i just felt like trying and [data expunged]

Note from Dr.[Redacted]
Three times, how did we not see that coming? How the hell did they get out of that test chamber just by yanking out a single wire? Who's in charge of the security? Something has got do be done here.

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