Video still from the mission feed.

Subject: D-Class
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Crime History: Subject spent three (3) years in ██████ State Penetentiary for serial killing. Subject targeted middle aged men within the early 40's to mid 50's range. When apprehended, subject confessed to six (6) known homocides and give (5) unknown. Subject claims he was searching for the man responsible his family's murder 15 years ago.

Subject enters SCP-XXX-02, the doors remain open. The armed personnel close SCP-XXX-02 and asks Subject to confirm presence. Subject confirms. Subject stands in SCP-XXX-02 and opens the door. A bright light fills up the frame.

[Subject yells]
Control: Are you alright?
Subject: Yeah.

Subject shields his eyes and aims the camera away from the sun. Subject stands in an open desert, small dunes are spread out. A small cabin is visible in the distance.

Control: Please give us a look around.

Subject turns around, no landmarks or buildings are visible in the distance besides the cabin and SCP-XXX-02.

Control: Can you describe what your surroundings?
Subject: Uhh, I'm in a desert, there's not much around me really. There's a shack off in the distance…it's…
Control: It's?
Subject: Silent. Nothing.
Control: Noted. Please make your way to the cabin up ahead.

Subject walks for five (5) minutes, taking frequent breaks to drink from his provided water. Five (5) minutes pass before Subject reaches the cabin. The exterior is made of mostly wood, with some bricks making the foundation. Three (3) wooden steps lead up to the door. A small window, roughly 0.5m2, is positioned next to the door. The window's blinds are pulled shut. Subject spots a splat of [DATA EXPUNGED]-like material. Subject kneels down to examine it.

Subject: What the hell is this?
Control: We can't tell. Please take a sample for us.
Subject: Smells like gas.

Subject, careful not to touch the substance, scoops some into one of the beakers provided in the field kit. Subject enters the cabin. The cabin has two rooms, one being the living room Subject stands in. Subject stands in the living room, furnished by one (1) couch and a small refridgerator.

[Subject screams]
Subject: Fuck this, fuck you guys, I'm going back to ██████.

Control and Subject argue for a few minutes before the Subject is persuaded to continue. Two skeletons lay on the couch, one a fully grown adult, the other a small child. Exactly how long the skeletons have been there is unknown, but it should be noted that there is a layer of dust coating the skeletons.

Control: Please describe your surroundings.
Subject: There's two fuckin dead people laying on the couch. Besides the couch here, the place is empty. Smells awful in here.
Control: Thank you, please attempt to enter the second room.

Subject approaches the door but stops.

Subject: God damn, I guess this is where the smell is coming from.
Control: Open the door, please.

Subject counts down from 3 then opens. Sitting on a toilet lays a corpse, male, time of death is unknown but the body is quite fresh. The body's head has been [DATA EXPUNGED] and the same substance outside stains the walls of the bathroom. Subject drops to the floor.

Subject: Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!
Control: Please stand up.
Subject: God damnit fuck shit what the fuck-
Control: Please stand up and exit the building.

Subject remains on the floor, muttering expletives. 10 minutes pass while Control's attempts to calm Subject down fail. 5 minutes later Subject goes silent.

Control: Are you there?

Subject remains silent.

Control: Confirm, are you there?

[Subject takes a deep breath and stands up]

Subject: Yeah I'm here.
Control: Have the surroundings changed at all? Have you noticed anything new?
Subject: What kinda question is that-
Control: Answer the question
Subject: No, things are the same…the smell got stronger though. This place wreaks of gas now.

The cabin starts shaking and the Subject runs towards the exit. Subject attempts to open the door, it's stuck. Subject rips the blinds down and looks outside. In the distance, something approaches the cabin, it's unclear what it is. Subject attempts to kick the door down, but is only met with failure. Subject then smashes the window open and attempts to fit through it, but only manages his bust before getting stuck.

Subject begins to twist and turn in attempt to escape when he sees what is thought to be SCP-XXX-03. When he turns his head in it's direction, heavy video distortion occurs. The shaking has stopped now. Subject begins to yell, masking any possible audio recordings of SCP-XXX-03. Audio cuts out, video ends.

Subject Status: MIA, presumed KIA.

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