Video still from the mission feed.

Subject: D-Class
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Black
Crime History: Subject has a long history of theft and assault. In December 200█, Subject murdered 3 police officers while trying to escape after robbing a convenience store. Subject ran off the road and took off into the woods where he was found 12 hours later with a broken leg and in a hypothermic state

Subject enters SCP-XXX-02, the doors remain open. The armed personnel close SCP-XXX-02 and asks Subject to confirm presence. Subject confirms. Subject stands in SCP-XXX-02 and opens the door. The frame is black.

Control: [What's wrong with the feed?] Subject, what are you seeing on your end?
Subjects: Man it's dark as fuck here.
Control: Activate the flashlight on your wrist please.

Subject plays around with his wrist trying to get his wrist mounted flash light turned on.

Subjects: Yo how the fuck do I turn this shit on-

A light turns on in front of Subject. Subject stands at the end of a driveway, where it meets a road. In front of Subject is a house, lit only by a single garage light. Subject stands silent.

Control: Please move forward and inspect the garage.

Subject finally turns on his flashlight and continues forward. As he enters the garage, a pool of dried blood stains the center of the floor. A shell casing lays nearby.

Control: Please retrieve the shell casing?
Subjects: Yeah whatever.

Subject picks up the shell and tosses it in his field kit, disregarding evidence retrieval protocol. Subject looks around the garage for a few minutes. Nothing unusual or out of place is seen, except for one of the cabinet doors is open. When investigated, Subject only found an empty Cabinet, no special properties or effects observed.

Control: Enter the house please.

Subject opens his field kit and takes out his provided beretta.

Control: Why did you take out-
Subjects: Mother fucker there is a fuckin pool of blood all over this shit.
Control: Please continue.

Subject enters the house, all the lights are on and from the inside, it is daytime. Subject stands in a kitchen. There is a small radio playing Cradle of Love by Billy Idol, while a pan cooks bacon on the stove. Subject immediately turns off the radio.

Subjects: Fuck that noise.

Subject continues through the house, entering the living room. Some small Transformers toys sit in front of a television playing an episode of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Subjects: Yo control, what the fuck is going on here yo?
Control: Unknown, please continue searching the house.

Subject continues through all the rooms before finding another large blood pool. The blood pool found in the master bedroom covers the floor, it should be noted that this blood is fresh and undried. Three shell casings are found near the doorway. Subject throws them in his field kit.

Control: Please be weary of contaminating any evidence.
Subjects: Yeah yeah whatever.

Subject enters the door across the hall, this time it's a childs bedroom. The room also contains considerable amounts of blood, a bunk bed is covered with most of it.

Subject goes through the rest of the house, finding nothing else of note. Subject walks through a glass door onto the deck from the second floor, It's night time again, and when the interior of the hosue is viewed, everything is turned off. Subject attempts to re-enter the door he came through, but it's locked. Subject takes a few steps back, aims the beretta at the door and fires one (1) round. The door doesn't break. The shot ricochets and hits Subject in the left arm.

[Subject screams]
Subjects: Fuckin' shit!
Control: Are you alright?
Subjects: Bullet hit my fuckin' arm- wait. The fuck…the fuck is that-
Control: What is what?
Subjects: I think someone's tryin' to light this place up!

Subject tries the door again, it's still locked. Subject looks over the edge of the deck, there's some bushes about 3 meters down. Subject gets up onto the decks barriers and jumps down. Subject misses the bushes, landing on his right foot.

[Subject screams in pain for about a minute]

The sound of a water splash is heard. Subject goes silent and the frame freezes.

Control: Are you there? What is going on?

Subject remains silent and doesn't move, the sounds of moving water dominate the audio. 30 seconds pass before the view begins shaking violently, Subject still silent. 2 minutes pass, then snow begins to fall rapidly. 3 minutes later, the view is covered completely with snow. Sudden audio distortion, then the video feed ends.

Subject Status: MIA, presumed KIA.

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