Video still from the mission feed.

For SCP-XXX-02-M3, two (2) personnel will attempt to enter SCP-XXX-02's "Zone" together. The personnel will be armed with one MP5Ks each and have two (2) more magazines in the field kit.

Subject: "M3-02"
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
History: M3-02 is a Foundation Veteran, having been with the Foundation for 10 years now. M3-02 managed to be the sole survivor regarding SCP-███'s [DATA EXPUNGED]. M3-02 will be leading the mission. M3-02 refused to lead this mission, but after [DATA EXPUNGED], she accepted.

Subject: "M3-02"
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
History: M3-02 is a Foundation rookie, having only been here for a year now. M3-02 has been o one field mission before regarding SCP-[___], the mission was a success. M3-02 volunteered for this mission, instead of being selected.

Subjects stand in SCP-XXX-02 and open the doors. Subjects stand in snow, about 30cm deep. Trees surround them and no buildings are visible.

M3-02: We should have brought jackets…
Control: No going back now, sorry.
M3-01: What's the plan, Control? I see nothing to investigate.
Control: Head in a straight line from SCP-XXX-02.

Subjects walk forward for thirty (30) minutes, nothing but trees populate the area. Subjects take a break to retool their sleeping bags into something wearable. They continue walking for another five (5) minutes before finding a cave. The cave is dug into a hillside, the entrance is about 5m wide and 6m tall.

Control: Turn on your lights and enter the cave.

M3-01 marks a tree, pointing the direction of SCP-XXX-02. Subjects enter the cave and begin looking around. M3-02 spots a bag shoved behind a pile of rocks. The bag contains $435.00 USD, three (3) full bags of chips, two (2) empty and a water bottle, frozen solid. M3-02 sticks it in her field kit.

M3-02: Think we should go deeper? I doubt we're gonna find anything more walking through those damn woods.
M3-01: I don't think that's-
Control: Affirmative, M3-02, go deeper into the cave.
M3-01: [Sighs].

Subjects turn on their wrist mounted flashlights and begin going deeper. Ten (10) minutes pass and the cave doesn't seem to go down, just straight.

M3-01: Control, this cave is useless. We've found nothing but the bag at the entrance. Permission to return?

M3-02 begins wandering around.

Control: Negative, M3-01, though you can start making your way out of the cave.

M3-02: This place is giving me the creeps anyway-

A substance is shot into frame, hitting M3-02 in the leg. The substance appears to match the substance from SCP-XXX-02-M1. It begins to expand and completely cover M3-01. M3-01 remains frozen and silent.

M3-02: What the fuck!
Control: M3-02 get out of there! Leave M3-01, she's lost.

M3-02 hesitates then begins to sprint towards the cave exit. He runs for around five (5) minutes, frequently checking behind him. Nothing is seen but the sound of splashing water can be heard not far behind him. M3-02 escapes the cave and despite only being in there fifteen (15) minutes, night has fallen.

M3-02 makes his way through the woods, sprinting and dodging projectile "substance". Ten (10) minutes pass, M3-02 is maintaining speed but begins to fatigue. The projectile substance hasn't stopped yet, it hits trees around M3-02. M3-02 sheds his field kit and any extra weight, giving him a bit more speed.

Five (5) more minutes pass and SCP-XXX-02 comes into view. Subject jumps into the doors and turns around. A blur of is seen, about 10m behind. The video feed distorts. The earth begins to shake violently and the terrain begins to change rapidly. The snow melts around him, grass growing where it once was and large trees begin to spring up. SCP-XXX-02 slams the doors shut and demands they be opened from control. Mission ends.

M3-02 collapsed after the doors were opened. He was near hypothermic and was rushed to [] where he began recovery. Recovery was slow, but all further missions were halted until an interview was conducted.

Subject Status: M3-01, MIA presumed KIA. M3-02, Alive, critical condition.

Video still from the mission feed.

Three (3) weeks have passed since SCP-XXX-02-M3. "M3-02" has been brought to holding cell ██ where he will be interviewed about SCP-XXX-02-M3. One armed personnel will stand in for safety.

Subject: █████ ████, Codename: "M3-02" on SCP-XXX-02-M3.
Interviewer: Dr. M██████

Dr. M: Hello, M3-02.

M3-02: [Remains silent]

Dr. M: Could you tell me what happened to "AP-01"?

M3-02: She- [pause]. We were in a cave about a thirty minute walk from SCP-XXX-02. Control had just given us permission to exit when- [pause].

Dr. M: When what?

M3-02: This shit comes flying out of nowhere. Hit her in the leg. Started growing, started…absorbing her. I didn't know what to- I mean I just…

Dr. M: Can you describe what the substance was like?

M3-02: It was red at first, then it just kinda…changed colors. From green to blue to yellow. It had a strong smell, I could still smell it even after I got out of the cave. Smelled like gas.

Dr. M: Thank you. Now, right before you left, you caught a glimpse of what we think to be SCP-XXX-03. Can you describe what you saw?

M3-02: Didn't you get it from the video?

Dr. M: [pause] Can you describe what you saw?


Dr. M: Would you be willing to reenter SCP-XXX-0-

M3-02 wrestles the gun from the armed personnel's belt and fires one (1) round into his head.

Subject Status: Dead.

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