Video still from the mission feed.

For SCP-XXX-02-M4, five (5) veteran armed personnel will attempt to enter SCP-XXX-02's "Zone" together. In addition to the standard field kit, the personnel will be provided with:

  • One (1) M4 Carbine with five (5) additional magazines
  • Three (3) flash grenades

Subject: "M4-01"
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian

Subject: "M4-02"
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race: Asian

Subject: "M4-03"
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Black

Subject: "M4-04"
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Race: Asian

Subject: "M4-05"
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian

Subjects enter SCP-XXX-02, the doors remain open. The armed personnel closes SCP-XXX-02 and asks the Subjects to confirm presence. Subjects confirm. Subjects stand in SCP-XXX-02 and open the door.

M4-02: Shit, control you seeing this?
Control: Is that…
M4-02: Yeah.

Subjects stand in the same room that's normally outside SCP-XXX-02. Subjects spread out, investigating the room. Substance seen previously and blood stain the cave walls. Mission Control's equipment lays broken and scattered around. A few bodies with their head [DATA EXPUNGED] lay on the ground. The C4 charges are missing.

M4-01: You guys are okay, right?
Control: Yeah we're okay over here.

Subjects begin the upward ascent. The rail systems are taking slower than usual, taking the team approximately 60 minutes to reach the entrance. Subjects reach the entrance but find it has been ripped open, the titanium doors lay 3m from the entrance. The outpost is wrecked and stained with substance and blood, but no bodies are seen.

M4-04: Jesus Christ.
M4-05: Control, what next?
Control: [pause] collect some samples and head back down.

Subjects sweep the area, collecting samples. They collect:

  • Three (3) beakers of the unknown substance.
  • Three (3) beakers of the blood spattered across the area.

Subjects head back to SCP-XXX's entrance. They attempt to start the mortorized mine cart, but it fails to start. Subjects attempt to troubleshoot, but find nothing wrong. Subjects begin their descent. Long streaks of blood stain the walls where there was nothing before. One hour down, Subjects take a 30 minute break to rest. One more hour passes before they reach SCP-XXX-02. The bodies that were there have now disappeared. Subjects enter SCP-XXX-02's room.

M4-01: Control we're ready.
Control: Confirm prescense.
M4-01: Here
M4-02: Here
M4-03: Here
M4-04: Here
M4-05: Here.
M4-04: You guys smell that?

Control opens the door. Subjects turn around, SCP-XXX-03 stands in the room with them. Subjects open fire. SCP-XXX-03 [DATA EXPUNGED]s M4-01 and M4-02. M4-03 jumps in the mine cart and begins ascending while SCP-XXX-03 [DATA EXPUNGED]s Control. M4-04 and M4-05 retreat into SCP-XXX-02. SCP-XXX-03 closes the doors on them.

One of the rounds fired from M4-04 accidentally opens the door. M4-04 finds himself in SCP-███'s holding cell. M4-04 is killed by SCP-███ while M4-05 slams the doors shut. M4-05 waits in SCP-XXX-02's room.

M4-03 trains his gun down the mine as he ascends towards the surface. 20 minutes pass with no sign of SCP-XXX-03. Ten minutes remain when SCP-XXX-03 shows up not far behind. M4-03 empties his remaining 3 clips into SCP-XXX-03. SCP-XXX-03 shows no sign of slowing. M4-03 throws a flash grenade, SCP-XXX-03 reels back. Three minutes pass before SCP-XXX-03 shows up again. M4-03 throws another, SCP-XXX-03 reels back again.

7 more minutes pass, M4-03 arms another flash grenade but fumbles and is flashed along with SCP-XXX-03. M4-03 stumbles to the communication panel.

M4-03: Ground Control, this is M4-03. Let me out!
Ground Control: Negative M4-03, we can't do that. Has something happened?
M4-03: Fucking let

M4-03 goes silent. Ground Control detonates the charges.

Subject Status: KIA.

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