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^^ One of the cards stored in storage unit 24 ^^

Item #: SCP-1178

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1178is to be kept in a sealed lucite case in a climate-controlled storage cell designated storage unit 24. This cell is to be illuminated at all times. Two identical storage cells, also designated storage unit 24, are to be maintained in a similar fashion at different facilities. These cells each house a non-anomalous T206 Honus Wagner card. All three storage units are to be protected under standard protocols for high-value assets.

Knowledge of which facility houses the actual SCP-1178 object is to be granted to O4 and above personnel only. Transactions involving SCP-1178 require O5 approval, even in the case of XK-class events.

Description: SCP-1178 is a T206 Honus Wagner baseball card with two known anomalous properties:
1. SCP-1178 constantly emits a dim light, sufficient to give it a "glow in the dark" appearance when not otherwise illuminated.
2. SCP-1178 is accepted as trade for any object or service for which exchange is possible.

While its light-emitting property is primarily useful for distinguishing SCP-1178 from other, similar baseball cards, its preeminent treatment in bargains and exchanges makes SCP-1178 an effectively invaluable object. In any transaction in which SCP-1178 is offered it will be perceived as being more valuable than anything the recipient can provide in exchange. Since this perception does not persist once SCP-1178 is obtained, the individual or agency possessing SCP-1178 can buy anything, from anyone, but only once.

It is notable the SCP-1178 does not seem to be usable for the creation of one-sided transactions. Known incidents in which a party has attempted to exchange SCP-1178 for the life of the recipient or a service ending with the return of SCP-1178 have resulted in a refusal of the bargain. Similarly, incidents in which an exchange has been attempted under circumstances in which SCP-1178 could be immediately reobtained through force by the offering party have met with expectable suspicion. This restriction does not appear to extend to moral, economic, or practical considerations beyond the continued possession of SCP-1178, and the object is known to have been used in exchanges which were severely disadvantageous to the recipient.

Known goods and services exchanged for SCP-1178 include:

  • Five atomic warheads
  • The release of all prisoners held at ██████
  • The San Francisco Giants
  • The murder of the children of █████ ████████, the recipient
  • SCP objects ███ and ████

Addendum: It is notable that the Foundation's decision to trade objects ███ and ████ for SCP-1178 was due to prior knowledge of its usefulness as a perfect token of exchange. Intelligence regarding the GOC's acquisition of the object indicates that they purchased it for similar reasons. It is possible that SCP-1178 has no anomalous properties of any kind, other than its reputation. There is currently no known, safe method of testing this theory.

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