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As Jeffrey brings a spoonful of wild mushroom soup to his lips, something catches his eye. He lowers his spoon, and examines the wall to his right. The wall is covered in photographs of happy couples who have visited the restaurant before. One picture is of particular interest: a photo of a man and a woman. The man's arm is around the woman's shoulder in a loving embrace, and both are smiling, smiles of a deep and careless joy.

They both look awfully familiar.

Something in Jeffrey's mind clicks. A gear shifts into place. Deliberately severed neural pathways spasm and gasp for air, before rerouting themselves and coming back to life. A lock shatters, and a door flies off its hinges, and that deep, dark place in Jeffrey's mind is bathed in light, and he remembers everything.

Jeffrey chuckles to himself, and wipes welling tears from his eyes. He flags down a waiter.

"I'm sorry, could you bring me my tab?"


Incident Report 7439-E
June 27th, 2010

Today at approximately 9:47 AM, an armed man approached the entrance to Site-XX, killed two guards, and proceeded through the front gate before he was terminated by sniper fire. The man was identified as Jeffrey Kessler, who was treated with a Class-A Amnesiac on June 26th, 2002, as a witness to the Capitola Beach Incident [See Document IR-744-B] in which 141 beach patrons were killed, including his wife, Lauren Kessler. An investigation revealed that the subject has visited Capitola Beach every year on June 26th since his amnesiac treatment.

Today's incident demonstrates that the amnesiac treatment was ineffective on the subject. Dr. Shiroto theorizes that the amnesiac's incomplete hold on the subject's psyche resulted in a subconscious compulsion to revisit the location of the Capitola Beach Incident, and his wife's death.

The subject was likely unaware of the significance or nature of his compulsion, until yesterday, when he ate at the same beachside restaurant where interview transcripts show that he and his wife had celebrated their 24th year anniversary on June 26th, 2002, just hours prior to her death. Here he was exposed to a photograph which was overlooked by the original coverup team assigned to the Capitola Beach Incident. Dr. Shiroto theorizes that this exposure was sufficient to disrupt the amnesiac's weakened hold, resulting in a full regression and return of the subject's memories.


Dr. Adrian Valence sighs and sends his report. "Eighth one in five years." he mutters. He removes his glasses, and wipes away the fog with a small handkercheif. "They all have one thing in common." he says to himself, quietly, a hint of regret in his voice.

"Once they regain their memories, they never forgive us."

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