Sentient Canvas
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^^SCP-1323 when first discovered by the foundation ^^

Item #: SCP-1323

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1323 is kept in a locked storage cupboard on the 2nd floor of Site ██. The storage cupboard has been fitted with a surveillance camera so the item can be observed safely during tests. SCP-1323 is to be accessed for testing purposes only. The item must remain out of direct sight of anyone other than test subjects, although photographs may be viewed safely. When not in use, it is to be completely covered with a large veil to obscure its effects.

Description: SCP-1323 is an artist’s easel fitted with a large hemp canvas. Any attempts to detach the canvas from the easel have proven unsuccessful. The frame which holds the canvas and the easel itself are both made of an unknown material, which possibly explains why the two components are so tightly attached.

When a human looks directly at SCP-1323, even if only for a brief moment, oil paint strokes will begin to appear on the canvas in random places. This process will begin anywhere between three (3) and seven (7) seconds after the subject first looked at SCP-1323. These random strokes will slowly begin to form a painting, often depicting the person who looked at it.

In 80% of all tests, the picture has involved the subject’s greatest fantasy or greatest fear, depending on the known mental stability of the subject. These depictions have included the subject in their dream house, the subject skydiving, the subject being pursued by a giant spider, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Some of these tests have known to result in lasting psychological changes in the subject.

In 5% of all tests, the picture has been an abstract painting with no particular meaning. They often do not depict the subject; however, when questioned about the painting, the subjects always comment on how great it is, how no artist living or dead could ever recreate it, and how they would like to have it on display in their quarters.

However, 15% of all tests resulted in the painting depicting a future event involving the subject. It has been hard to distinguish these from the 80% of seemingly meaningless pictures, leading some researchers to believe many of them may actually be depicting the future. It is as of yet unknown whether the events unfold as an effect of SCP-1323, or whether it simply predicts events which are going to happen.

These predictions can either be detrimental or advantageous to the subject, sometimes involving a large lottery win while other times predicting loss of limbs, broken bones, etc. Due to the nature of some of these predictions, object class has recently been raised from “Safe” to “Euclid”.

Notes From Significant Tests:

Test 1323-12:

Subject: D-1323-12
Painting: Caricature of subject holding on to a teetering steel ladder 20 stories high. Subject has an expression of fear.
Results: Subject gained an active fear of ladders, even if they were simply mentioned in conversation to him, despite his previous profession being a builder specialising in roofing. It is unknown whether the painting re-surfaced a repressed fear or was the main cause of it, as the subject never admitted to it directly.

Test 1323-20:
Subject: Dr █████
Painting: Subject sitting on a black upholstered leather chair within her own house.
Results: Subject became obsessed with finding a chair like that depicted in the painting, despite claims that she previously detested upholstered leather furniture prior to the test. This obsession distracted her from her work, causing a lapse in concentration which resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr █████ was suspended from duty and demoted to D-Class rank indefinitely.

Note: No personnel other than D-Class are to interact directly with SCP-1323 after this event, effective immediately.

Test 1323-57:

Subject: D-1323-57
Painting: A dark room with the silhouette of what appeared to be SCP-███ facing the viewer.
Results: Subject was later reassigned to SCP-███, and was involved in a subsequent containment breach. He later described being in close proximity with SCP-███ but managed to escape. He claims his escape was successful owing to him remembering the scene in the painting and having expected this event to occur since he was reassigned.

//Note: This is the first instance in which SCP-1323 depicted the future. Object Class reclassification to “Euclid” approved by O5-6. //

Test 1323-84:

Subject: D-1323
Painting: Abstract painting depicting interlinking circles, squares and equilateral triangles of varying sizes and colours.
Results: Subject became fixated by the painting, and requested if he could keep it in his cell. The request was refused. Interestingly, the subject acted as if he was simply refused ownership of SCP-1323 itself, and claimed “no other version would be good enough”. Attempts to convince him that the refusal was general and that he could not have any pictures in his cell were fruitless, resulting in him becoming more erratic, claiming “a masterpiece such as this could never be recreated by anyone else” and repeating the claim that no other version would suffice. Subject was detained in his cell and placed under observation.

Test 1323-138:

Subject: D-1323-138
Results: Subject became increasingly erratic. Attempts to restrain him led to [DATA EXPUNGED]

Note: Whether or not [DATA EXPUNGED] was linked to this in any way is currently under investigation. Needless to say, termination of D-1323-138 is perhaps not necessary, however his retrieval by the foundation is of utmost importance.

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