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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard containment locker at Site 20. SCP-XXXX is to be tested only under the supervision of a Level-3 researcher, with the permission of __. (FIX LATER)

Description: SCP-XXXX is a package of orthodontic bands of the brand. (FEEEEEX)

SCP-XXXX's progressive effect happens in 5 stages.

The first stage begins when SCP-XXXX is placed on the braces in the mouth of a mammal. The bands bond permanently to the teeth and cannot be removed without total tooth extraction. This extraction occasionally occurs naturally during the later stages of SCP-XXXX's effect. Once attached, SCP-XXXX begins to mold to the individual's teeth to ensure a tighter connection between SCP-XXXX and the subject.

During the second stage, the braces begin to tighten swiftly without manual adjustment, initially causing discomfort and pain identical to those caused by standard braces. This stage normally lasts from one to three weeks, despite the increased pace of movement. If an individual had misaligned teeth, the braces will align them before continuing on to the next stage. The subjects's teeth will now be in an optimal configuration.

The third stage begins with the wiring of the braces bowing outwards, causing damage to the lips and mouth. Orthodontic wax and other attempts at mitigating damage have proven ineffective. However, the subject will report being able to sense their teeth shifting in their gums. This is caused by the brackets extending into the enamel of the tooth, drilling into the root and replacing the interior of the tooth with an unidentified substance, similar to . The process does not appear to elicit a pain response from the subject; exact reasons to this lack of sensation are currently being researched. Afterwards, the teeth will be pushed into configuations that are ineffective at food consumption or communication, and often painful during a resting state. The person will often complain of being unable to sleep due to the pain, or the pressure of the braces on their teeth. This stage will last approximately 1-4 weeks longer than the second stage, depending on the subject's pain tolerance.

The subject's teeth during the fourth stage will be pulled out at a 30 degree angle vertically, increasing the amount of friction between the person's lips and braces when they attempt to speak or eat. This results in shreds of skin and flesh catching in SCP-XXXX. At this stage, many objects including food will become entangled with the wires and braces themselves. This often leads to bacterial and fungal infections and significant damage to the subject's gums, requiring medical attention 85% of the time.

Once the subject's mouth has been damaged to the point where oral consumption is (almost impossible, definitely harmful), the material extended into the tooth will separate from the bracket, although the bracket and band will remain permanently attached to the enamel of the tooth. This seals the material into the tooth. At this time, subjects report lack of all sensation from their teeth, and results from experiments suggest that subject's teeth have been almost completely replaced by the material created by SCP-XXXX.

The fifth and final stage occurs approximately one to two months after the end of the fourth stage. The material in the subject's teeth will change composition and begin expanding into the jawbone of the subject. The bone appears to be consumed and replaced by the now gelatinous, albumen-like material. However, once the gel reaches the bone, it will exit the teeth. This leaves all teeth affected by SCP-XXXX extremely vulnerable to fractures and in some cases, complete disintegration. The gel will secrete an acid and eat through cartilaginous tissue and bone until it has reached the marrow of all bones greater than XX cubic X, often causing arthritis-like symptoms and a significant amount of pain. After the gel has encountered marrow, it ceases movement, and appears to be unaffected by immune system responses. This results in symptoms analogous to immune system (malfunctions) as the subject's body attempts to fight the material. The gel appears to replicate and solidify in the marrow and continues to invade all tissues, resulting in the subject's bodily fluids and epithelial cells being completely integrated with the gel. When objects are contaminated with the subject's bodily fluids or shed cells, the material will attach and invade the objects, resulting in the spread of the SCP.

The most common vector is the subject's dentist examining the subject's teeth, and then spreading the material to other objects in the office. This causes the SCP to infect and spread to other objects that are well-suited to remain in environments analogous to oral cavities, such as gloves, needles, picks, and other dentistry tools. SCP-XXXX was discovered due to reports of injuries being caused by operations conducted at the _ dentist's office. During routine examination of items confiscated from ___, the effects of SCP-XXXX were discovered. The existence of other instances of SCP-XXXX outside of containment is considered highly likely.

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Should they notice the retainer turning into braces?
Should it be retainer or should it be braces thingies? Braces thingies
Feierbird imagine that your teeth have tentacles and your teeth are pulling out all your other teeth and ripping them in half and there's gelatin in the middle of your teeth and it hurts when you touch the gelatin

braces wires pluck out teeth and replace them, then slice vocal cords and devour tongue, gums bleed more during normal cycle, no testing with blood thinners


Voice changer, first person speaks into object, voice is stolen, second person speaks into object, gets voice? Identity issues, problems recognizing other's voices, soon cannot distinguish one person from another. 1st person is now mute.

Infects person, can't stop eating, continues to eat until cannot obtain food anymore, breeds, purges eggs, cycle continues?

SCP-173 creates blood and shit to make more little SCP-173's.

A monster that lives in retail stores, seperates you from others in guise of a helpful person, then eats you or something horrific.
Some sort of predator that is very good (but not perfect) at imitating humans, hangs out in dying malls?

A sentient sequence which upon being written onto something will infect the mind of the victim, slowly at first, making them see the numbers everywhere, eventually becoming more and more pronounced as the person attempts to 'solve' problems within it. Like how you see the same number on a clock, or have to solve the same equation, or you get some numbers stuck in your head. And then the whole skin carving thing yeah

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