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SCP-1304 when the plunger is partially extended.

Item #: SCP-1304

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1304 is to be kept in a small lockbox requiring three different keys to open. Keys are to be cycled every thirty (30) days and immediately after any security breaches. The Lockbox must have a biological hazard sign on every face.

Due to SCP-1304’s possibly deadly nature, SCP-1304 is not to be used as medication and is only approved to be used for research purposes only. SCP-1304 is to be used by a trained medical professional who has not taken the Hippocratic Oath.

Description: SCP-1304 is a syringe (hereafter named SCP-1304-1) with a tube five inches in length and one inch in diameter. The needle extending from the tube is one inch long. SCP-1304-1 has one half inch crack along the tube, a result of an accident during testing; care must be taken when handling SCP-1304-1.

When the plunger is extended, the tube is filled with a blue, opaque liquid (hereafter named SCP-1304-2), even when extended in a near perfect vacuum. SCP-1304-2 cannot be removed from the tube unless the needle of SCP-1304-1 is inserted at least a quarter inch into a living human. The plunger of SCP-1304-1 will otherwise resist movement once extended.

SCP-1304-2 has been shown to cure a range of otherwise incurable diseases, such as Ebola, Polio, Diabetes, and all forms of cancer. SCP-1304-2 is also able to cure disorders that are not virus or bacteria based, such as Schizophrenia, Brittle Bone Disease, and Cerebral Palsy. SCP-1304-2 does not prevent any disorders or diseases; recipients of SCP-1304-2 are still able to contract diseases.

However, approximately ██% of participants develop an adverse and immediate reaction to SCP-1304-2. Reactions vary, but all reactions cause extreme pain and death. SCP-1304-2 will act as life support until the death of the patient, and morphine will not mitigate any pain (See addendum SCP-1304.2).

Patients who react to SCP-1304-2 will likely develop pussing sores on various locations, such as the arm, inside the mouth, or even the surface of the cornea (See addendum SCP-1304.3). Blisters stemming from pain sensitive nerve endings, similar to Shingles, may also form around a patient’s sores. In extreme cases, a patient’s skin may decay, causing lesions that are more than one inch deep. Death of a patient is caused by a fever in excess of 108 Fahrenheit that causes an intracranial hemorrhage and simultaneous organ failure. On average, death occurs three days after injection.

The effects of SCP-1304 are not contagious, and there is no known way of predicting whether a patient will develop a reaction.

Addendum SCP-1304.2: Result of test #0014

A D class personnel diagnosed with terminal leukemia was administered a dose of SCP-1304-2. The patient immediately complained of excruciating pain in the lower abdomen. The physician on hand attempted to diagnose the cause of the patient's pain, but the patient refused any treatment saying, “Don’t fucking touch me! It feels like ██████████ when you touch me!”

After ten minutes, the patient complained of especially painful spots on the lower back, inner thigh, and the inner right cheek. Without being told to do so, the patient stripped his clothing and two sores leaking white puss were visible, with the remaining sore inside the right cheeck. The patient vigorously scratched the sore on the inner thigh, causing heavy bleeding. The patient was restrained to prevent him from causing any more harm to himself.

One hour after administration, the patient began to develop Hemoptysis. An IV drip of morphine was administered to the patient, but the patient showed no signs that his pain was being reduced. An attempt to sedate the patient was made, but the patient remained conscious when a lethal dose of sedation was administered.

Five hours after administration, the patient developed Haemolacria.

Forty Eight hours after administration, the patient developed a fever over 106.7 Fahrenheit. The patient was placed in an ice bath, but his fever did not subside.

Seventy nine hours after administration, the patient died of complications related to his fever. Complications included intracranial hemorrhaging, simultaneous organ failure, and an acute case of appendicitis which caused sepsis. However, during autopsy, it was discovered that the patient’s appendix had ruptured shortly after administration of SCP-1304-2.

Addendum SCP-1304.3: Result of test #0103

A class D personnel in the advanced stages of Rabies after a wild dog attack was administered a dose of SCP-1304-2.

The patient immediately attempted to remove his right eye using the needle of SCP-1304-1. After being subdued, the patient was informed of the lethality of his reaction.

Ten minutes after administration, the patient developed Eye proptosis. After a few seconds, the eye had displaced completely out of the socket, and was dangling by the optical nerve. Under request by the patient, the eye was removed completely.

Fifteen minutes after administration, the patient's left eye had displaced completely from the socket and was also removed by request.

Fifty three hours after administration, the patient began to believe he regained his sight despite both his eyes being removed.

Ten minutes later, the patient attempted to convince the physician to release his restraints, saying, “If you let me go, I’ll be okay! Just fucking let me go!”

After twenty minutes of debating, the physician, under protection of two Level four personnel, released the patient’s restraints. The patient immediately jumped from the table to the floor, causing his right tibia to shatter and his left knee to become dislocated. The patient was again restrained.

Eighty hours after administration, the patient developed a fever of 110 within minutes. He died seven minutes later from intracranial hemorrhaging, simultaneous organ failure, and heavy blood loss through his sores and eye sockets. In autopsy, it was discovered that the patient had only one quart of blood in his system at the time of death.

Addendum SCP-1304.4 Result of test #0153

A class D personnel was paralyzed from the neck down during a recent security breach of SCP-173. The patient was administered a dose of SPC-1304-2. Within ten seconds, the patient regained control of his previously paralyzed body.

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