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Image of SCP-1000-2 recovered from helmet-mounted camera of [REDACTED] (deceased)

Item #: SCP-1000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A restricted zone has been established in a 2 km radius around SCP-1000-2; a public statement was released declaring it to be a weather monitoring station. Cameras are suspended from weather balloons, constantly monitoring the enclosure. Individuals may not come within 1km of SCP-1000-2 without explicit written permission from a level 4 researcher or higher. Should SCP-1000-1 move away from SCP-1000-2, all personnel are to evacuate the restricted zone until SCP-1000-1 returns to its position beneath SCP-1000-2.

Description: SCP-1000-1 is an entity with an appearance similar to that of Canis familiaris, commonly known as the domestic dog. The size of SCP-1000-1 varies with its distance from SCP-1000-2; directly beneath it, SCP-1000-1 is approximately 220 cm from ground to shoulders. The exact breed of SCP-1000-1 is unclear; it appears to be a mix, with traits of both a Labrador Retriever and a German Shepard clearly visible. SCP-1000-1 possesses a white coat and red eyes, both of which glow at luminosities directly proportional to its proximity to SCP-1000-2. At distances greater than 500 m from SCP-1000-2, SCP-1000-1 gradually becomes translucent. Additionally, SCP-1000-1's speed, strength, and agility all seem to be inversely proportional to its distance from SCP-1000-2.

A dog tag is affixed to a faded red collar around SCP-1000-1's neck. The tag reads:


Left alone, SCP-1000-1 lies down beneath SCP-1000-2. It does not appear to sleep, or, if it does, is able to do so with its eyes completely open. It does not eat, drink, or breathe.

Should SCP-1000-1 become aware of any person or object coming near SCP-1000-2, it will quickly become hostile and attempt to destroy the intruder. SCP-1000-1 has significantly increased physical abilities above a standard canine; video records show it running at speeds in excess of 60 km/hr, jumping 6 m into the air, and biting through 15 mm titanium plating. SCP-1000-1 appears to be incorporeal, and as such attempts to both neutralize it and examine SCP-1000-2 more closely have been met with failure. See Incident Log 1000-B for details.

SCP-1000-2 has the appearance of a man hanged by a noose from a tree. The subject wears a faded business suit and dress shoes; both are too worn to properly identify a manufacturer. SCP-1000-2 constantly jerks and twitches in a manner consistent with those of a man being hanged; occasionally gasps for breath can also be heard. The violence and energy of these jerks is directly proprotional to SCP-1000-1's proximity to SCP-1000-2; as the distance between the two increases, the jerks and twitches decrease in violence and frequency.

Incident Log 1000-B

Date: 05/02/19██
Description: A team of █ agents were sent to attempt to neutralize SCP-1000-1 for transportation to a containment facility. The team approached SCP-1000-2 from the North, opposite the direction SCP-1000-1 was facing. The agents were able to come within 300m of SCP-1000-2, and which point SCP-1000-1 rose and attacked agents without warning.

Agent ████, realizing that the mission had failed, began to flee the area. SCP-1000-1 pursued, but decreased in size, definition, and speed as it grew further and further away from SCP-1000-2. When SCP-1000-1 reached a distance of 900m from SCP-1000-2, SCP-1000-2 was observed to stop moving entirely. At this point, SCP-1000-1 froze for a moment and turned its head towards SCP-1000-2. SCP-1000-1 stayed in this position for a few seconds before howling once and sprinting back towards SCP-1000-2. SCP-1000-2 was observed to resume its jerking and twitching.

Video records of the incident indicate that round fired at SCP-1000-1 passed through it without making contact, despite the fact that its teeth and claws proved solid when attacking agents. Agent ████ was the only one to survive the incident.

05-█: From this point forward, only D-class and remote-operated drones may be used to approach SCP-1000 directly.

Date: 05/20/19██
Description: █ D-class armed with [DATA EXPUNGED] were sent to approach SCP-1000-2 from various directions. Incident proves similar to previous attempt; SCP-1000-1 proceeded to kill all D-class present.

During the incident, D-83011 was able to come within 50 m of SCP-1000-2 before being killed. During this time, cameras noted an anomaly with SCP-1000-2: its jerks slowed, and its eyes opened and fixed on D-83011. SCP-1000-2's arms then raised towards D-83011, in what appeared to observers as an welcoming embrace. Moments before D-83011 was killed by SCP-1000-1, SCP-1000-2's lips can be seen moving, mouthing what appear to be the words "no, down boy". Immediately after the death D-83011, SCP-1000-2 fell limp and resumed normal twitching.

05-█: It appears as though simply isolating SCP-1000-2 is enough to effectively contain SCP-1000-1. As such, all further testing is suspended, barring a significant development, until further notice.

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SCP-1000 containment in effect

Item #: SCP-1000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation facility atmospheres are to be saturated with Agent Thermopylae-4 at all times. Public knowledge of the existence of SCP-1000 is to be suppressed through the standard channels. Construction of sealed bunkers is underway worldwide, and must be fully operational and supplied by ██/██/19██, upon which time SCP-1000 is projected to hit critical concentrations in the Earth's atmosphere. Once this event occurs, pre-determined non-Foundation personnel (see Document 1000-A-3 for priority list of non-Foundation personnel chosen for preservation) are to be immediately and rapidly evacuated to bunkers, where they will remain indefinably until a more effective method of containing SCP-1000 is found. See Addendum 05-02-1957 for details.

Description: SCP-1000 is a previously unknown gaseous compound, primarily composed of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Though the origin of SCP-1000 remains under investigation, concentrations in the Earth's atmosphere have been increasing steadily since its discovery by the Foundation in 190█. Based on trends created from monitoring the rate of growth of SCP-1000, it is estimated that was first introduced in year 17██ (p > .005).

If concentrations of SCP-1000 enter a range between ██ ppm and ███ ppm, subtle electrical signals will begin to be transmitted between individual particles. If the sample is large enough (a minimum of ██ moles), a semblance of a neural network begins to form. A single distinct network is known as an entity. As an entity grows in mass, the complexity of its electrical interactions increases. At some level of complexity, entities are able to control their motions to some degree using polarization of their individual particles. These forces are weak, however, and air currents largely determine their overall motion. Entities do, however, appear able to remain cohesive and resist attempts at thinning their concentration through dispersion.

Entities of SCP-1000 appear to have a single goal: growth. Their primary method for growing is by using small electrical pulses the break down solid matter and gases in their component atoms, re-bonding them to form SCP-1000. This is very slow, however, as it appears that entities must rely solely on ambient static electricity present in the atmosphere to power the process. The larger the entity, the more efficient this process becomes; it is theorized that larger entities possessing more neural connections are "smarter" (for lack of a better term) than smaller entities. Gases are broken down most rapidly, however entities have displayed the abilities to break down minerals, metals, and even living organic tissue, albeit at a much slower rate.

When two distinct entities encounter one another, they immediately attempt to absorb the other into themselves. During this encounter, both entities attempt to overpower the other's control over its particles through electrical pulses. This process can take anywhere from seconds to days, depending on the comparative sizes of the two entities. Once complete, a single entity will remain, integrating all of the SCP-1000 particles from the previous entity into itself.

To date, entities of SCP-1000 have only been identified in closed spaces or areas of relatively little wind; in the open atmosphere, the concentrations are too thin to support sentience. Concentrations are steadily increasing, however, and it is projected that by ██/██/19██, concentrations will hit the critical level necessary to support a sentient, globe-spanning entity. Once his happens, projections indicate that within █ years, this entity will have converted enough oxygen and carbon into SCP-1000 that the Earth will no longer be equipped to support organic life.

Addendum 03-12-1957: Effective immediately, containment procedures have been permanently revised. Agent Lazarus-2 is to be dispersed using the methods outlined in [[Document 1000-02]]. Bunkers are to be kept supplied and maintained, in the event that these procedures prove ineffective.

Document 1000-02

Date: 01-13-1931
From: Dr. Kunta
To: Overseers
Subject: SCP-1000 containment research
Message: A significant breakthrough has been made in researching a method of successfully containing SCP-1000. A compound has been discovered which neutralizes concentrations of SCP-1000 without affecting biological life in any significant way. Though the compound is prohibitively expensive to produce at this time, we are anticipating a drastic reduction in production cost following further research. Please anticipate a full set of containment procedures being developed in the next six months.

Date: 09-02-1931
From: Dr. Kunta
To: Overseers
Subject: SCP-1000 containment procedures
Message: It is with great regret that I compose this letter. My team and I have thus far been unable to significantly reduce to manufacturing cost of the SCP-1000 neutralizing compound, hearby known as Thermopylae-4. It seems that there is no known effective substitute for the [REDACTED] currently in use. As it stands, while the Foundation can afford to distribute the compound throughout the atmospheres of our facilities, the world economy is not equipped to support the level of production necessary to protect even humanity, let alone the ecosystem. As such, my team has written a set of containment procedures (attached) which will allow for the continuation of the Foundation and vital non-Foundation personnel following SCP-1000 reaching critical levels. Rest assured, we have not given up; we will continue to investigate methods of containing and neutralizing SCP-1000 world-wide.

Date: 01-01-1940
From: Dr. Kimbley
To: O5-█
Subject: Dr. Kunta's Passing
Message: Dr. Kunta was found dead at 8:03 this morning at his desk from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. On his desk was a suicide note (attached) explaining his exhaustion with unsuccessful research regarding SCP-1000. As his second, I will (with your permission) assume leadership of this research team and continue investigating a method of neutralizing SCP-1000, hopefully before the 19██ deadline. Rest assured, should this date come and go, our team will not relent; we will continue researching until we succeed or we die.

Date: 03-01-1954
From: Dr. Kimbley
To: Overseers
Subject: Possible Agent Thermopylae-4 replacement
Message: Gentlemen, I write to you with a trembling hand. Two hours ago, batch 64194 successfully mimicked the effects of Agent Thermopylae-4, neutralizing a ██ mole sentient entity of SCP-1000. The remarkable thing about this trial was that it only required [REDACTED] of batch 64194 to do so! With such a low concentration, it may be possible to reverse the spread of SCP-1000 worldwide! It is far too early to celebrate, but I can say that, for the first time in 20 years, we have made solid progress towards really and truly containing SCP-1000.

Date: 02-30-1957
From: Dr. Kimbley
To: Overseers
Subject: Revised SCP-1000 containment procedures
Message: At last, after 27 years of endless research, we've done it! We have completed work on a revised set of containment procedures, utilizing the newly-christened Agent Lazarus-2, which should keep global concentrations of SCP-1000 well below critical levels indefinitely. I have attached these new containment procedures to this letter. I must confess, we were at a loss on how to implement Lazarus-2 on a global scale, but Dr. █████'s military experience provided the answer! Please please examine approve these procedures as quickly as possible, as implementation will take several years at least. We will, of course, continue to research a permanent solution to containing SCP-1000, but for now the Earth has an indefinite stay-of-execution. I apologize for my lack of professionalism in this letter, but I am having trouble containing my excitement (understandably, I believe).

Attachment- Revised SCP-1000 Special Containment Procedures: A shell-company will be established to produce and distribute codename Green1000, advertised as a fuel additive that reduces carbon emissions or something of that nature. The Foundation is the use its global influence to insure that Green1000 is a legally required component of all jet fuel. When burned at temperatures present in a jet engine, components of Green1000 bond to form Agent Lazarus-2, which is then be emitted as exhaust. Visually, airborne Lazarus-2 will is indistinguishable from the contrails naturally produced by jets. Using this distribution system, Lazarus-2 is spread into the upper air currents of the world, effectively saturating the atmosphere. So long as the atmosphere remains at a minimum of 0.██████% Lazarus-2, concentrations of SCP-1000 should remain below critical levels. Constant monitoring of SCP-1000 and Lazarus-2 levels is to be maintained at all times, to monitor for a shift in either concentration. Should levels of Lazarus-2 exceed 0.████%, a scaling back of distribution is to be enacted until levels are once again within tolerances.

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Item #: SCP-WWW

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The coal yard surrounding SCP-WWW has been purchased by the Foundation and designated site 77, with a cover of being a minerals research laboratory. Openings to the silo on both the roof and at the base of the hopper are to remain closed except for the purposes of research and feeding.

Once per day, 500 tons of unprocessed coal is to be dumped into the silo containing SCP-WWW via the roof opening. Recovered coal may be re-used indefinitely. Should SCP-WWW, its containing silo, or the surrounding area display any anomalous activity, or should the amount of coal absorbed increase or decrease dramatically, a moratorium on feeding is to be enacted. This can only be repealed by the site director or higher ranking Foundation personnel.

Under no circumstances may personnel enter the silo containing SCP-WWW

Description: SCP-WWW is an unknown biological specimen inhabiting a large coal silo located at ███████ █████ in ███████, Virginia. SCP-WWW absorbs a small percentage of all coal loaded into its silo, totally approximately 4-5%. It is believed that SCP-WWW uses this for sustenance. Original containment procedures disallowed any coal to be added at all; two years following initial containment, however, it was discovered that SCP-WWW was gone. Six months later it was rediscovered at its current location; while the method for its transfer is unknown, it is theorized that it changed locations due to lack of “food”; since its relocation and the editing of the containment procedures to require some amount of feeding, SCP-WWW has not relocated again.

The exact size, shape, and form of SCP-WWW is unknown. It cannot be viewed via conventional means; it generates an optical illusion depicting a normal silo opening when viewed from above. The “mouth” of SCP-WWW begins 2.3 meters from the top of the silo, and sonar indicates that it fills the remainder of the silo with its mass. Attempts have been made to drill into the side of the silo to circumvent the illusion, however it is discovered that when a drill comes within 2 cm of breaching the wall of the silo, a strong repulsive force (theorized to be a defensive mechanism of SCP-WWW) prevents the drill from progressing any further.

By dropping a camera into SCP-WWW, researchers were able to gather a limited amount of information about its biology. See Test Log WWW-01 for details.

Discovery: SCP-WWW was first discovered when workers first noticed that the volume of coal removed from the silo was slightly less than that inserted into it. Workers initially suspected a leak, and sent a crew down into the silo drum to investigate. SCP-WWW was subsequently discovered, following the deaths of all those who entered the silo. Class A amnesiacs were issues to all coal yard workers.

Test Log WWW-01

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Photo of SCP-YYY taken while an extremely mild value of μ was observed

Item #: SCP-YYY

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-YYY is currently contained within Facility YYY-17, located atop Mt. █████████ in the Andes Mountains. This location was chosen in the hope that the relatively thin air present will limit the environmental effects caused by SCP-YYY, should a containment breach occur.

Within Facility YYY-17, SCP-YYY is kept suspended via electromagnets in a spherical vacuum chamber measuring 8m in diameter. The containment chamber is mounted on rollers; in the event of an absolute power failure causing SCP-YYY to fall, the chamber will be able to spin freely and hopefully maintain containment. Note: The chamber is only able to withstand the effects of SCP-YYY up to a certain value of μ; should it become apparent that μ is excessively negative, a full evacuation of the facility is to be undertaken. Once external observation has deemed μ reduced sufficiently, teams are to be immediately dispatched to secure SCP-YYY.

Description: SCP-YYY is a piece of what appears to be iron ore, with a mass estimated to be approximately 5.5 kg.

Because of its properties, solid empirical analysis of SCP-YYY has proven impossible. The precise physics which govern it are poorly understood, and do not follow standard models in use today. Extreme temperatures appear to have little-to-no effect on SCP-YYY; it maintains its form and volume regardless of heat being added or removed. Despite this, the effects of magnetic fields and gravity on it are identical to those of a piece of iron ore of similar size.

The most notable physical anomaly of SCP-YYY is frictional force produced by it: the coefficient of friction (henceforth referred to as μ) appears to be completely random. The one constant is that the value of μ is negative at all times along the surface of SCP-YYY, a trait which is impossible given the current model of physics (in standard physics, 0<μ<1). The tangible result of this negative μ value is thus: any object or particle which comes into contact with SCP-YYY is immediately accelerated in a direction tangent to the contact point, at a rate directly proportional to both μ and the normal force of contact.

Direct testing of SCP-YYY has proven problematic, as any object that comes into contact with it immediately slides off. The only known method of effectively manipulating SCP-YYY is with magnetic fields and gravity.

The value of μ changes rapidly and without warning; what limited testing has been done indicates that the time between value-shifts seems to vary between thirty minutes and two days. Most values of μ are relatively mild, with 97% of observed values ranging between -0.001 and -0.60. Outlying μ values estimated to be in excess of -200 have been recorded, however.

SCP-YYY poses several threats, each a result of it coming into contact with a specific state of matter while possessing an extremely negative μ value:

  • When encountering solids, SCP-YYY has the capacity to destroy them and, in doing so, produce high-velocity projectiles which can further damage surrounding objects or cause harm to those in the area. With solids, damage is typically localized.
  • When encountering liquids and gases, SCP-YYY causes a sharp increase in Brownian motion (the random motion and collision of particles within the substance). Within closed systems, this typically results in an increase in pressure, often resulting in a pressure explosion. The larger threat, however, results from SCP-YYY being exposed to either the open atmosphere or large bodies of water. In the former case, severe enough values of μ can result is significant wind systems forming as a result of the increase in Brownian Motion. This effect has, historically, proven capable of producing dangerous weather events. It is theorized that a similar situation could arise were SCP-YYY dropped into the ocean, possibly resulting a significant disruption of ocean currents and tides. Due to the inherent risk, however, no large-scale testing in regards to this possibility has been performed.

Addendum 04-03-1996: A request was submitted to attempt to use SCP-YYY as an energy source. Request approved.

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Item #: SCP-ZZZ

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: A single entrance to SCP-ZZZ is maintained in the former ██████ factory in [REDACTED], Spain. To maintain containment, the door to SCP-ZZZ must be kept open at all times. Security cameras have been installed just outside the doors to monitor for individuals entering SCP-ZZZ through other portals within the machine shop. Should this occur, on-site security personnel are to immediately enter SCP-ZZZ and remove the individuals through any means necessary. Any individual who spends an excess of four continuous minutes inside SCP-ZZZ is to be terminated immediately. This also applies to any individual who operates any tool within SCP-ZZZ for any length of time. Individuals removed from SCP-ZZZ within the safe time frame may be given a Class B Amnesiac and returned to their homes.

Description: SCP-ZZZ is a variable-location machine shop. SCP-ZZZ appears old and poorly lit, with grime and unknown waste covering much of the equipment and surfaces. A sign on one wall reads "Factory Machine Shop."

SCP-ZZZ can manifest at any location containing a pre-existing machine shop; how a machine shop is precisely defined by SCP-ZZZ is currently under investigation. When manifesting, it appears to re-direct only the entryway; windows to an "active" location still show the original facility, while only the door actually leads to SCP-ZZZ. So long as the door is open, the entrance to SCP-ZZZ will be maintained; once closed, the connection disappears. From outside SCP-ZZZ, this simply means the door will once again lead to the original facility. Individuals who enter SCP-ZZZ, however, will no longer be able to return through the door in which they entered; in many cases, the door will disappear upon closing.

SCP-ZZZ contains a number of tools typical of a machine shop, designated SCP-ZZZ-1 through SCP-ZZZ-5. Each tool exhibits unique properties, primarily in the form of alterations made to anyone who operates them, determined through extensive testing using D-class personnel. They include:

SCP-ZZZ-1: A lathe. Whenever an operator removed material from the piece being worked on, a proportional amount of mass is removed form the body of the operator. The operator does not appear to notice or feel, and when questioned about the missing tissue or bone, claims to have never possessed it.

SCP-ZZZ-2: A drill press. Each time a hole is punched, the operator appears to lose some specific mental capacity. Recorded losses include childhood memories, the ability to form new memories, the ability to swallow, the ability to perceive certain colors, the ability to perform both simple and complex mathematical functions, and the capacity for empathy. As with SCP-ZZZ-1, subjects claim no knowledge of ever having possessed such faculties.

SCP-ZZZ-3: A horizontal CNC (Computer Numerical Control) mill. When set to run, the programming operator appears to suffer effects similar to that of SCP-ZZZ-1 and SCP-ZZZ-2, with the exact effect being determined by what type of cuts are being made.

SCP-ZZZ-4: A vertical CNC mill. Identical effects to that of SCP-ZZZ-3.

SCP-ZZZ-5: A computer-aided welding arm. It requires two individuals to operate: one to compress the dead man's switch while the other controls the arm. When run, operators appear to be fused, mentally and/or physically. When fused, operators As with all aforementioned tools, operators thus affected claim to have always been in such a state.

Alterations made to the body of an operator do not follow well-understood principles of physics. Visually observing an alterations made to an individual has thus-far proven impossible; looking at such an individual, either in person or though photograph/video causes the observer to feel only intense discomfort. Observers are unable to actually focus on an area missing tissue, have expressed that they "can tell something is seriously wrong, but can't figure out what." Only through radar imaging or physical molding have researchers been able to determine that tissue has been removed. It is unclear whether this failure of perception is due to an active effect on the part of SCP-ZZZ or a failure of the human brain to properly process the visual data is under investigation.

These effects will gradually manifest on anyone who spends an extended period of time within SCP-ZZZ, regardless of whether or not they actively operate the tools. Operating said tools appears to simply accelerate the effects, and direct specifically how they affect an individual.

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SCP-AAA in its natural state

Item #: SCP-AAA

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedure: A sample of SCP-AAA-1 is kept in a biological containment center in site XX at a temperature no greater than 8 degrees C. Air within its containment room is to be recycled; no exchange of air between SCP-AAA-1 and the outer environment is permitted. Any personnel interacting with SCP-AAA-1 must wearing a full hazmat suit and undergo decontamination following any interaction.

Any instances of SCP-AAA-1 discovered outside containment are to be removed and then moved to a proper disposal site, where they are to be burned. Removal and disposal teams are to wear full hazmat suits at all times.

Affected individuals are to be kept in quarantine, in temperatures under 8 degrees C. Affected individuals may request euthanasia; such requests are permitted with the agreement of a Class 3 personnel, and must be self-administered.

Description: SCP-AAA-1 is a plant very closely related to Toxicodendron radicans, more commonly known as poison ivy. SCP-AAA-1 produces a chemical, designated SCP-AAA-2, which causes a rash on humans it comes in contact with. SCP-AAA-2 vaporizes at 12 degrees C and but retains its effects, and can directly affect the lungs if inhaled.

The rashes produced by SCP-AAA-2 and urushiol (the chemical produced by Toxicodendron radicans) are initially similar in that they produce a series of itchy raised bumps on the affected area. In urushiol, that is the extent of the reaction, with the rash eventually settling after several days. The reaction caused by SCP-AAA-2, however, continues. Approximately 48 hours after initially erupting, the rash resulting from contact with SCP-AAA-2 with begin to ooze a thick puss containing further quantities of SCP-AAA-2. Contact with the puss, either in liquid or vapor form, results in further spreading of the reaction.

Regardless of temperature or hygiene, however, the reaction from SCP-AAA-2 will continue spreading through the affected individual's body. It initially remains on the skin (unless contact was made in lungs), covering the subject's body with the rash. The reaction will eventually spread internally, affecting the organs and muscles of the affected individual. While some drugs and poultices have proven effective at releiving the discomfort of affected individuals, no successful treatment for halting the reaction has been discovered. Thus contact with SCP-AAA-2 has proven fatal in all cases.

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SCP-XXX touching down

Item #: SCP-XXX-EX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a 3m x 3m x 2m chamber, designated Chamber XXX-1. Chamber XXX-1 is to be built of 15 cm thick reinforced steel, located 150 m beneath site 71. No humans are to come within 100 m of Chamber XXX-1 except in the event of a containment breach.

No fewer than three specially conditioned D-class are to be assigned to site 71. These D-class are exempt from monthly termination so long as the continued strength of their conditioning is confirmed weekly by a minimum of two (2) Foundation psychologists. Each D-class assigned to SCP-XXX has been conditioned to possess a paralyzing fear of a relatively small, slow, and minimally dangerous animal of some form. Approved conditioned fears include slugs, snails, toads, turtles, and earth worms.

In the event of a containment breach, these D-class are to be sent directly towards SCP-XXX. Once it has targeted one of them, that D-class is to be taken immediately Chamber XXX-1 in order to lure SCP-XXX back to it. Should this prove impossible, or should Chamber XXX-1 be damaged to the point of being unusable, Backup Chamber XXX-2 has been prepared as an alternative.

Description: SCP-XXX is a creature possessing the ability to transform into seemingly any creature or object with a mass between 400 g and 95 kg. Its transformation is activated when a human (hereby known as the subject) comes near it; the exact range of its effect fluctuates between 10 m and 50 m. SCP-XXX appears to become a physical manifestation of whatever creature or object the subject fears the most. How it discovers the subject's fear is unknown.

Standard laws of conversation of mass and energy do not seem to apply to SCP-XXX, as it is able to change size drastically, as well as manifest phenomenon not fully understood. When SCP-XXX mimics actual creatures or objects, certain traits appear to be inflated or exaggerated. These typically include speed, strength, potency of poison, sharpness of teeth, and other such traits that are the focus of fears.

Once transformed, SCP-XXX will pursue and attempt to kill the subject. The reason for this behavior is unknown; SCP-XXX does not consume them, and appears to require no sustenance whatsoever. While pursuing a subject, SCP-XXX will not change form again unless directly threatened. Once a subject has been killed, either by SCP-XXX or outside means, SCP-XXX will attempt to find new subjects to pursue. It maintains the form taken from the previous subject until a new one is found. It's true form, or whether it even possesses one, is unknown.

The sentience of SCP-XXX itself is under debate. Though it has shown substantial reasoning ability while pursuing a subject, it does not appear able to learn in any permanent sense; it has yet to identify the trap posed by Chamber XXX-1 or the nature of its containment.

Forms SCP-XXX has taken include:

  • A black orangutan with severely increased strength
  • A large snake, visually similar to a cobra. Upon being bitten, D-91872 expired in under twenty seconds.
  • A 4 m tall humanoid resembling a caucasian male possessing [DATA EXPUNGED]. Investigation revealed it to be visually similar to a man accused of raping the subject.
  • A swarm of yellowjacket hornets. The hornets appeared to possess the ability to travel through solid matter. Upon being stung, D-118103 began screaming and convulsing, which continued until he expired six minutes later.
  • Due to poorly conveyed orders, Agent ██████, a class-2 member of the Foundation, became the subject of SCP-XXX's effect. SCP-XXX took the form of SCP-682, and appeared to possess its invincibility. When a conditioned D-class was introduced following the death of Agent ██████, SCP-XXX transformed and was re-contained.

Addendum: The apparent threat from SCP-XXX has been removed by the actions of Dr. Brouse, one of the psychologists responsible for the conditioning and maintaining of D-class assigned to SCP-XXX. Through a combination of standard conditioning techniques coupled with powerful psychoactive drugs, Dr. Brouse reports that he was able to condition D-719391 to possess a crippling fear of "completely normal, non-magical, non-shape-changing rocks." When D-719391 was introduced to SCP-XXX, it took the form of a 3 kg piece of granite. It has since remained in this form, even following the termination of D-719391 and introduction of additional subjects. As such, SCP-XXX has been re-designated SCP-XXX-EX, and is kept in a storage locker in site 19.

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SCP-BBB after being touched by a believer in Hinduism

Item #: SCP-BBB

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedure: Due to numerous theft attempts by both [DATA EXPUNGED] and SCP personnel, SCP-BBB is currently stored in an undisclosed location. All guards must undergo monthly psychiatric evaluations to watch for signs of depression. Only Dr. ██████, the Overseers, and necessary guard personnel are to possess knowledge of its current whereabouts. All testing on SCP-BBB has been suspended indefinitely.

Within its designated containment site, SCP-BBB is to be kept in a 1m x 2m x 1m chamber, made of 10 cm thick steel. A polymer that dissolves when contacted by [REDACTED] has been poured into SCP-BBB itself, preventing its use. No Foundation personnel are to have access to SCP-BBB without express permission from a minimum of three (3) Overseers.

Any Foundation personnel caught attempting to steal SCP-BBB are to undergo a psychiatric evaluation prior to termination. If the evaluation reveals depression or suicidal tendencies, the individual is to undergo psychological treatment in lieu of termination, at the completion of which the individual may return to their normal duties (with the exception of any further interaction with SCP-BBB).

Description: SCP-BBB is an ivory horn, approximately 1m in length, with intricate carvings running along its length. When blown by a human, henceforth known as the user, SCP-BBB appears to manifest whatever end-of-the-world scenario the user believes most plausible. The longer the horn is blown for, the most severe and lasting its effects will be. The most common manifestations are of religious stories; see Test Log BBB-143 for details.

The carvings on the horn change each time a new user touches the horn, and generally show imagery significant to the user's particular religion. The carvings remain static until SCP-BBB is touched by another human.

SCP-BBB appears to exert a memetic influence on certain humans who come near it; humans displaying severe depression or suicidal tendencies will express a desire to acquire and blow the horn. This effect increases with proximity to SCP-BBB:

Distance to SCP-BBB Effect
Greater than 1 km No effect.
Between 200 m and 1 km And idle curiosity towards SCP-BBB's location; the individual typically does not investigate without prompting
Between 50 m and 200 m Individual will actively investigate SCP-BBB, and may inquire as to its existence and purpose
Less than 50 m Individual will actively attempt to obtain and use SCP-BBB, even if they have no prior knowledge of it's existence or use

The following is an interview with Agent ████████, a previously well-behaved agent and devout Catholic, who attempted to steal SCP-BBB from its former containment at site ██.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███████: Why did you attempt to steal SCP-BBB?

Agent ████████: Because it would do it. It would finally do it.

Dr. ███████: Can you explain what you mean by that statement?

Agent ████████: There is no purpose for anything…I have known that for a long time now. I stay around out of…I don't know, habit? Twice I almost did it, I almost pulled the trigger, but something stopped me. The first time it was my religion, the second time it was my sister. Either way, I can't do it on my own. That would just damn me to [REDACTED]. But the horn…it could. It could finally end this miserable existence once and for all.

Dr. ███████: Are you aware that SCP-BBB would cause destruction beyond yourself? That it would wreak havoc all over?

Agent ████████: Of course, that's the point.

Dr. ███████: Why would you want that?

Agent ████████: Haven't you been paying attention? There is no point! The whole world is going to hell. Wars, nukes, AIDS, famine, [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is time for us all to go home. To our real home. We have been waiting for the Rapture for millennia, thinking that it would come to us…but now I understand. It is up to us to bring it about, using the horn. Don't you get it? We can finally be free.

Dr. ███████: What has lead you to believe that SCP-BBB will lead to the Rapture?

Agent ████████: Because! Because…because I can just tell. I felt it, when I was near the horn. I could feel its power, its promise to finally end everything.

Dr. ███████: Did the horn speak to you?

Agent ████████: What? Of course not! The horn is the tool, not our Lord. No, it was God who made me feel this way, I know it, he gave me the knowledge I needed to carry out His will.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent ███████ was kept in holding for several weeks. After two days away from SCP-BBB, he reported regretting his actions, and was unable to explain the source of his impulse to use SCP-BBB. Agent ████████ entered counseling to help deal with his depression, and was eventually released under close observation. He has since displayed no further interest in locating or acquiring SCP-BBB, and when asked about it, stated "I hope I never see that damned thing again."

<Test Log BBB-143>

Test BBB-01

User: 51 year old Methodist male from [REDACTED], Canada.

Carving: Four horse back riders are carved in a line on the horn, appearing to travel from the mouthpiece to the opening.

Time blown: 4 seconds

Result: A █.█ magnitude earthquake begins, lasting ██ seconds. As well, Lake ███████, 3 km away from the testing site, reportedly began to boil for ██ minutes before settling.

Test BBB-02

User: 19 year old Hindu male from [REDACTED], Germany.

Carving: Centered on one side of the horn is a carving of a man with six arms and three eyes, believed to be the Hindu god Shiva. Carvings of various animals cover the rest of the horn, including elephants, cows, and goats.

Time Blown: One half of a second.

Result: After 12 minutes, it began to rain. The rain lasted two hours, with a total of 5cm of rain falling during that time. Minor flooding was reported.

Test BBB-03

User: 34 year old Catholic female from [REDACTED], Alabama.

Carving: A man wearing robes with a halo, appearing similar to modern-day imagery of Yeshua of Nazarath, stands in the center of the carving. Surrounding him are small, imp like creatures, believed to represent demons. These demons appear to be on fire, and in pain.

Time blown: 2.4 seconds

Result: Results form Test BBB-03 had to be determined from camera footage of the event, since none of the personnel involved in the test survived. According to documentation, the user was supposed to blow SCP-BBB for three seconds. After 2.4 seconds, all Catholics (including the user) within a █ km radius vanished, leaving behind only their clothes. Simultaneously, all non-Catholics spontaneously combusted, killing them instantly. Investigation revealed piles of ash beneath the clothing of Catholic individuals, in volume and composition consistent with that of a cremated human.

A request was submitted by Dr. ██████ to cease all testing on SCP-BBB in light of the results of Test BBB-03. Request denied by O5-██. Instead, all testing must be performed exclusively by D-class, with all Foundation personnel watching via remote observation equipment.

Test BBB-04

User: A 62 year old Buddhist male from [REDACTED] Monastery, Tibet.

Carving: Intricate geometric patterns cover the horn, but no imagery is evident.

Time blown: Initially two seconds, then five seconds, then seven seconds.

Result: User initially blew the horn for two seconds. After two hours, no result manifested. Further attempts were made with five and seven seconds, but no anomalous effects were recorded.

Test BBB-05

User: 47 year old Atheist male from [REDACTED], South Korea.

Carving: Binary numbers covered the entire horn. Analysis revealed the binary to translate to "The world is logical, and this is logical. Nothing is eternal."

Time blown: Initially two seconds, then five seconds, then eight seconds.

Result: Blowing for both two and five seconds yielded no result. After being blown for eight seconds, however, the on-site warhead kept at site ██, located 1█ km from the testing site, detonated without warning. The entire site, including SCP-███, SCP-███, SCP-███, and [DATA EXPUNGED], was completely destroyed. Due to the remote location of site ██, the detonation was only noted by several fishermen in the area, who were quickly apprehended and given class-C amnesiacs. SCP-BBB was upgraded to keter class, and all further testing on it has been suspended indefinitely.

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Photo of SCP-YYY engaging the SCPS Chaperone

Item #: SCP-YYY

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The naval vessel SCPS Chaperone, crewed by MTF Lambda-3 "Corsairs" is to remain 15-25 km away from SCP-YYY, unless level 2 containment is needed (see below). Any non-Foundation vessels, both sea and air, that come within 45 km of SCP-YYY are to be informed by MTF Lambda-3 that they are entering the high-security zone of whatever military is most plausible given the current geographical location of SCP-YYY, and that they are to turn back immediately.

In the event that SCP-YYY comes within 30 km of a non-Foundation vessel/structure, or within 60 km of inhabited land, level 2 containment goes into effect. During level 2 containment, the SCPS Chaperone is to approach and engage SCP-YYY. The SCPS Chaperone is to then flee in a direction leading SCP-YYY away from the threatened area, making sure to never put a distance greater than 7 km between it and SCP-YYY until both are at a safe distance.

In the event that the SCPS Chaperone is destroyed, a new containment vessel and crew must be deployed as soon as possible. The new vessel must have a maximum speed of ██ knots, a microwave transmitter for communication, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-YYY has the outward appearance of an American WWII-era battleship, ███████-Class. The ship, while appearing to be in good condition, has no visible markings that could be used to discern its identity. It has a top speed of ██ knots, while its cannons have an effective range of █.█ km. SCP-YYY transmits a loud buzz across all radio frequencies, effectively blocking standard communications for ██ km. When SCP-YYY encounters anything man-made, typically other ships, it proceeds to open fire on them. It has also been known to attack ports, oil rigs, and even low-flying aircraft. It will pursue a target until the target is either completely destroyed or exceeds a range of 8-10 km, with the exact distance varying somewhat.

SCP-YYY appears to be without a crew. It follows a path apparently determined by [DATA EXPUNGED], though numerous deviations from this path have been observed.

Testing indicated that SCP-YYY does not have any physical form; it does not show up on radar, it leaves no wake, and ordnance fired at it appears to pass through with no discernible effect. The only aspect of the ship that has physical form is its ammunition, which appears to materialize the instant the cannons on board "fire". The ammunition itself, or the shrapnel produced, vanishes several seconds after impact.

On three (3) separate occasions, SCP-YYY has disappeared without warning. In each case, SCP-YYY is located several days later in a completely different location. The reason or trigger for these disappearances are unknown, but they remain the greatest challenge to the containment of SCP-YYY.

Incident Report Log YYY-5291

Date: October ██, 19██

Location: ██ km East of Guam

An unidentified battleship attacks and sinks the SS █████████. Investigation by United States military is derailed by the Foundation when it becomes apparent that the assailant was not a normal battleship. Incident officially reported to be an accident caused by faulty munitions.

Date: January █, 195█

Location: █████████, Africa

A battleship matching the description of the one involved in the SS █████████ incident reportedly destroyed the small village of [REDACTED] on the West coast of Africa, as well as several fishing vessels in the area. Two naval vessels in the area, the ████████ and the ██████ attempted to pacify the craft, and are subsequently destroyed. Incident officially reported as pirate activity, unknown vessel classified as SCP-YYY.

Date: June ██, 196█


SCP-YYY was sighted near a nuclear testing site in the Pacific Ocean. By intervention of 05-█, test proceeded with SCP-YYY inside the blast radius. Once visibility improved, SCP-YYY was revealed to be completely unaffected by the blast. SCP-YYY was located via satellite, and has been tracked this way ever since.

Date: [REDACTED], 197█


SCPS Chaperone was deployed to attempt to contain SCP-YYY. While attempts at neutralization and capture fail completely, SCPS Chaperone proved its ability to bait and escape from SCP-YYY while sustaining virtually no damage. SCPS Chaperone and MTF Phi-3 was permanently assigned to SCP-YYY as its mobile containment unit.

Date: March █, 198█


At 22:18, SCP-YYY disappeared without warning. All attempts to locate it by MTF Phi-3 proved unsuccessful. Two days later, a report surfaced of three fishing vessels off the coast of [REDACTED] had failed to return from their fishing trip. MTF Phi-3 rushed to the site, and was able to locate and contain SCP-YYY once again.

Date: January ██, 199█


At 22:18, SCP-YYY once again disappeared without warning. The following day, the Foundation received a report of an unknown naval vessel matching the description of SCP-YYY observed near ██████ Island. According to the report, SCP-YYY approached a cargo vessel carrying [DATA EXPUNGED]. Instead of firing on it, however, SCP-YYY apparently sailed in a parallel path to it until it reached its destination, at which point SCP-YYY turned and sailed away. MTF Phi-3 was able to once again locate and contain SCP-YYY. Testing showed that SCP-YYY still reacted with hostility to all man-made objects.

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