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SCP-XXXX As it was photographed upon discovery

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be held in a sound-proof room.
SCP-XXXX is to be held in an echo-proof and electromagnetic wave resistant room, encased in 5 inch thick solid porcelain. The room, at all times, must be changing it's natural frequency.
This is accomplished by adding and subtracting various, large solid materials to the outside of the container at random intervals through automated use of a randomization program and machinery.
If the program should fail or the machinery malfunctions the container will be immediately covered in layers of dirt and sand as part of fail-safe procedure.
Under no circumstances should any personnel touch the container without [DATA REDACTED].

SCP-XXXX is a spiral conch shell with an abnormally shaped siphonal canal. It is a pure white color with a pink interior. The opening of the shell is unusually large for conchs, but its overall appearance resembles a Pleuroploca Trapezium.
SCP-XXXX was discovered in ██████████, Russia at 12:05 on ██/██/198█. It was found in a mine that once belonged to a now abandoned Soviet labor camp of who's miners died due to uranium poisoning. An investigation of the camp was launched to discern the source of "demonic sounds", as the locals had called it, that were emanating from the general area. Upon first observation the conch was seemingly picking up radio signals from local stations and projecting the sound from the opening of the shell. SCP-XXXX also picks up on television casts, but only the audio. Several instances have been found in which SCP-XXXX picks up audio from SCP-993, this has been of no consequence aside from the natural reaction SCP-993 has on individuals over the age of ten (10). SCP-XXXX is now confirmed to be able to resonate with any form of electromagnetic wave. SCP-XXXX is unpredictable in what frequency it starts to resonate with.

SCP-XXXX as of ██/██/200█ has shown more volatile behavior. It has now been confirmed to be able to resonate with brain waves and project the audio of thoughts that it receives. See Addendum [SCP-XXXXa]

SCP-XXXX's object class has been changed to Euclid as of ██/██/201█. SCP-XXXX has shown to produce it's own sonic frequencies as to match the natural frequencies of objects around it. Upon doing so SCP-XXXX increases the volume until the integrity of the target is compromised. SCP-XXXX also creates its own complex signals that nearby instruments will resonate with forcing them to output discernable sounds. The sound of a young child speaking is the most common occurance.

Addendum [SCP-XXXXa]: [Optional additional paragraphs]source

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