Shadow Lamp SCP Object

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Shadow Lamp

Bought as a standard mass produced lamp of [expunged] make and model from a Wal-Mart in [redacted], Tennessee.

Containment protocols: Kept in a 3mx3m chamber at site 2[black censor box]. Two guards are to be posted outside at all times. No power outlets are allowed in the room. Access is restricted to only absolutely necessary research personnel and only D Class personnel are permitted to activate the lamp at any given time, or perform maintenance on the containment chamber.

Description: SCP-xxxx is precisely identical to a [redacted] brand model [expunged] lamp, typically retailed at Wal-Mart stores, from which it was sold to its previous owner.

It was discovered through routine monitoring of suspicious deaths possibly caused by anomalous SCP objects of police channels.

Its owner, a 23 year old college student at East Tennessee State University, was found dead in his apartment, seemingly violently murdered, and TBI reports indicated that no suspects could be found after months of investigation.

The case was taken by Foundation Personnel posing as FBI agents and their advanced scanners detected anamolous radiation emanating from the lamp, yet the only thing that had come into contact with said lamp containing similar radiation levels was the body of the former owner.

Lockdown procedures were initiated and the lamp was transported without ever being turned on.

Once contained at a secure facility in [redacted], North Carolina, the lamp was activated by a remote controlled robot and no anomalies were observed.

At this point, subject D-7929 entered the room and activated the lamp. Subject kept watch on it for one hour and was instructed to turn it off and reactivate the object.

At this point the effects were observed as such:

Upon reactivation, subjects report a shadowy humanoid shape appears approximately one meter from the lamp, so long as there are no obstacles. This figure, SCP-xxxx-1 will move closer or farther depending on obstacles to make sure it is in the open.

Though humanoid, this figure is static, never moving, and not considered sapient or living at all, and all attempts at communication have yielded no results.

Subjects report shock on the instant appearance of the figure but as they grow used to it, their fears ease though in all cases, slight paranoia persists up until the next phase.

At this second phase, the figure manifests near the subject, regardless of light source so long as there is light, causing subjects to grow increasingly paranoid.

At this stage, the figure will NOT disappear if the lamp is deactivated in comparison to the first phase when it will, meaning that the subject can be saved during the first phase as long as the lamp is deactivated, yet the time period in which it is possible to do so is short, around 2 hours to 4 hours and 17 minutes from lamp activation.

The paranoia grows increasingly until the subject is compelled to withdraw from all light sources even though this is the absolute wrong course of action. Subject will enter complete darkness if at all possible, and sometime during this period will be murdered by some unseen force. If observed with night vision, the video feed will freeze (even with "active" devices such as goggles or scopes) through unknown means until the subject is dead.

If activated with a robot, these effects do not occur. Only the person activating the lamp can see SCP-xxxx-1 and will experience the effects. Others in the room will see it as an ordinary lamp.

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