Shadow Walker
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SCP-XXX during Incident S-657-34

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to remain in a 7m x 7m x 10m cell equipped with a minimum of four (4) floodlights on at any one time (see Addendum) in which all doors and anything that could be considered for the possible use of escape have been removed. Two (2) guards should remain posted outside the cell equipped with a standard issue heavy-assault rifle, a high-powered flashlight attachment for said rifle, and heavy body armor. All lighting malfunctions must be reported to maintenance staff. Should any of the staff assigned to SCP-1XXX notice any shadows within the room, all lights must be switched on to prevent another breach.

Subject is to remain under constant video surveillance and posted guards should rotate every 2-4 hours to prevent any possible psychological effects that have not yet been discovered, but are assumed to be within the subject's ability range. Should such an occurrence arise, affected persons are to report to either the nearest scientist for testing or to the nearest psychiatrist.

Description: Subject is a humanoid-like being weighing 84 kg and roughly 1.8 meters tall covered in a black cloak made of an unknown material that prevents anything other than his face and hands from being seen. The subject also carries a black longsword with him at all times sheathed at the right hip, and while efforts to remove it have not succeeded, it does not yet pose a threat to staff. He also appears to be rather placid when under light, but his disposition changes as soon as he comes into contact with a shadow.

Subject appears to possess several different abilities once in contact with any shadow other than his own (see Test-1XXX-███) ranging from simply blocking all sources of light within the immediate area to "melding" with the shadow. If the shadow in question is on a wall, then this "melding" allows the subject to instantaneously move to any other shadow within a █ decameter radius. Otherwise, the subject can only move to other shadows within the room1. The subject is also very skilled with his blade and it is recommended that all staff remain at least 2 meters away at any given time.

The subject was initially found on █/█/1995 in █████████, Germany at ██:██ PM by agent ████. The exact details of the encounter are not yet known, as only the remains of the agent were found scattered within a 2m radius of what is assumed to be the position he was standing in. Subject was rediscovered ██ years later in ████ by agent ███ in ███████, Texas at █:██ PM. The favorable time frame allowed for MTF-███ to secure the subject via the use of one (1) Class A sedative.

Addendum: in response to Incident S-657-34: The containment cell must be fully lit at all times and all tests and interviews are hereby indefinitely suspended until further notice
And someone shield the damned things this time. I don't care what is placed over the lights, just as long as the light itself can pass through - Dr.███

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