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Item #: SCP-712

Object Class: Euclid


The following article and associated audio/video-files is a potential memetic threat and may not be observed by any personnel for more than 2.5 hours. An EEG-test will be performed before, during and after each session of viewing any SCP-712-related material and measured deviations or failure to comply to standard procedure will result in immediate execution.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-712-1 (see addendum 712-A, hereby referred to as the "subject") is kept in an isolated foundation facility with the sole purpose of holding SCP-712-1.

The subject is to be kept in a chemically-induced comatose state with all necessary nutrients feed to her through a saline drip and bodily waste disposed off through a series of tubes. While the room the subject is in should contain a basic monitoring system the nature of the SCP requires it to be closed off, with video as well as audio recorded to disc that can be retrieved and replaced without having to enter the room.

Security personnel are to guard the room in pairs while wearing EEG-helmets with radio-operated self-destruction mechanisms. Any measured deviation outside of the acceptable range of EEG-patterns will result in the detonation of a bomb.

Assignment to this facility is permanent and last until termination or death from natural/non-natural causes.

Description: The subject is a blonde, caucasian woman in her early thirties that is 1.68 meters in height and weighs 51 kilogram. When in a conscious state she acts in an erratic manner yet docile manner and is incapable of speech. Among the many examples of her erratic behaviour she has been seen to walk into walls, fall over, scream non-stop for minutes at a time, randomly moving her arms and legs in a disjointed manner yet none of her actions has been considered a threat to herself or others.

The subject was found in ██████ ████, where she was kept in containment similar the current containment of her in addition to a number of ██████ as well as unidentified ████. ██████ was destroyed by foundation agents, as well as any ██████ and a class A amnesiac was distributed in the water supplies of the city of ████████ upon the discovery of the nature of the SCP (See addendum 712-A).

SCP-712 can be best described as a "viral mind", reproducing by spreading copies of itself to suitable hosts capable of housing it. What original body it might have had is unknown, and no other instance than SCP-712 has been found besides SCP-712-1 and from foundation experiments.

The means of infection isn't fully understood but it has at least two methods of infecting a mind and su

Incident 712-A

SCP involved: SCP-712

Date: 19██/█/█

Location: ████████


[Description of Events]

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Item #: SCP-713

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: For research purposes it is to be kept in a close-circuit monitored room at all time with an additional, high resolution, camera aimed at it.

Description: It is a rectangular, flat object with a

It's basically a "universe simulator".

I have a couple of ideas for how it'd look like, ranging from just a really old PC to some futuristic and sleek screen that responds to voice commands.

Anyway, the thing this SCP would do is simulating a universe that might or might not be ours at a pre-set speed that cannot be altered. What you can do though is ask the simulator to focus and zoom in on any part in the simulation and the researchers quickly found out that it's vastly more complex than any simulation physically possible - capable of simulating the universe down to sub-atoms.

But it looks like it's nowhere close to our day and age so it's not useful for surveillance purposes or anything like that as earth is nowhere to be found in the simulation, yet.

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