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Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx-1 is to be kept in a Hazardous Items Containment locker in site ██. Removal is permitted by researchers level 1 or above with clearance, for testing or requisite cleaning with standard latex gloves. Testing is to be carried out in an open area outside, for ease in tracking members of SCP-xxx-2.

Description: SCP-xxx-1 is a bracelet composed of small, medium-quality sapphires set in gold, believed to originate in ███████ ██████, Russia, circa 18██. It has shown no deviation from the properties of other jewelry of the same era and make through testing.

The object's anomalous properties do not manifest unless skin contact is made with a human. At that time, a group of ██ entities, hereafter known as SCP-xxx-2, will step into view (security cameras have been unable to discern their origin), some of whom have been confirmed identical to past victims of SCP-xxx. SCP-xxx-2 instances appear to be humans of varying ages (from █ to ██), sexes, and races. One instance, seemingly at random, will and ask for the item, referring to the holder as Master. SCP-xxx-2 seems unable to perceive any being other than the one holding the object. If told no, they will disappear. If given the object, each member disperses on a apparently predetermined path across the world. No pattern has been discovered. Each will bear a bracelet indistinguishable from SCP-xxx-1, hereafter known as SCP-xxx-3.

Once an instance of SCP-xxx-2 reaches its destination, it will seek out a specific human and convince them to take SCP-xxx-3 through any means necessary (lethal force has not yet been observed), appropriate to the entity's apparent age, i.e. a small child will approach an older human and claim to have found the item on the ground, older members will attempt to sell the bracelet for a ludicrously low price, etc. Once SCP-xxx-3 has been transferred, the entity will vanish as soon as possible without being seen by its victim (hereafter known as “the subject”). Once this has been completed by all members of SCP-xxx-2, SCP-xxx-1 will reappear in the vicinity of the originator of the process.

Over the next █ to ██ days, regardless of contact with SCP-xxx-3, the subject will experience nausea, weakness, and pain in the extremities. This is generally brushed off as a cold or flu, and very few seek medical attention. In the next █ to █ days after, the subject will notice an unpleasant smell and continued weakness and pain. Scrapes and cuts will not heal, and will bleed only minimally. Medical personnel are generally unable to find any infection or disease and will send the subject home. In the final stages of effect, the subject will be unable to move as most bone and muscle tissue rots away. The internal organs are notably unaffected, with the skull softening but not decaying completely, presumably to keep the subject alive. Victims of this process do not seem to age or deteriorate beyond this point, some instances contained by the Foundation having reached ███ years of age. After the subject has decayed to this point, instances of SCP-xxx-3 are harmless but should be contained in a separate locker from SCP-xxx-1 regardless. Instances of SCP-xxx-3 should be acquired if found, expending a reasonable amount of effort given that they no longer exhibit anomalous effects. Victims of SCP-xxx should be destroyed by incineration contained in the medical wing of Site-██ and sedated.

Addendum xxx-00: One victim of SCP-xxx was euthanized today. At the same time, a scream was heard from SCP-xxx-1's containment locker. Upon opening it, researchers found that one of the sapphires had been broken. Suggest that further victims be contained and kept under sedation. -Doctor █████

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