I just type this shit in, who the fuck knows what the title means.

CB LP/review
part 2 of same
Minecraft mod demo/review
CB playthrough
"The Sculpture" video by PBass. On a related note, this guy's entire Wordpress page is all about SCP stuff, with nary an attribution to CC.
A compilation of CB reaction videos. Who watches all this shit?
The writer of the 087 game presenting the game.
Video discussing an update to CB.
CB playthrough
Drunk Guys Play 087. Jesus, guys, my fuckin' IQ is crashing here.
PewDiePie plays through CB again.
087 playthrough
Fan video of SCP-895. Mentions the wiki, links to the SCP, mentions CC, doesn't mention Mackenzie, the author.
CB playthrough
Recreated CB in Minecraft. Impressive, but unattributed.
PewDiePie does something original. Nah, just fuckin' with you, it's a CB playthrough.
CB playthrough. Links to the wiki main page and to CB, but nit to the SCP itself, doesn't mention the author, and doesn't mention the CC license.
Okay, at this point, Rhett advised me that playthroughs and such are probably fair use, and don't technically have to attribute CC. So no more of those, then.
173 fan video
"SCP Archives" YouTube account with three fan-made videos and no attributions.
Fan made cartoon featuring 173. Is centered on CB, but is entirely derivative and has no attribution.
MissShadowLovely a.k.a. Angel's YouTube channel. No attributions.

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