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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
Keep the corporation google inc. running as a front. Expand site-[] as necessary to provide a safe cover for the server farms, and prevent them from discovery. Refer qualified applicants to foundation recruiting teams. Maintain the illusion that is run by a company in accordance with all laws of humans/nature. Prevent discovery of inner workings of

SCP-XXXX is a nest of computers, servers, and assorted equipment of unknown manufacture. Attempts to probe the inner workings and determine how they operate have met with no success of note. SCP-XXXX's location was determined by triangulation of response times when it first appeared - what is now recognized as the central server farm is located in mountain view, california, and has been surrounded by site-[].
As expands and adds services, it is imperative that google inc. keep up. Containment teams are tasked with ensuring that the actions of are driven by google inc., rather than the other way around.

Since its genesis in 1998, has steadily grown in purview and global recognition, to the point that it is nearly universally used. It has demonstrated sentience and an understanding of human culture in its responses to holidays, news inquiries, and societal responses, and in many ways has been singularly important in the shaping of the internet as it stands.

Difficulties in containment, as it stands, mostly stem from the fickle behavior of

google inc has been a very profitable front for the foundation, but the ever-growing presence of has generated profound public interest. In order to deal with the staggering pool of job applicants, the google inc job application has been formatted in an offbeat and unusual manner, so that applicants can be easily rejected on the grounds that their applications have been rejected. Furthermore, the pool of aspiring employees has been thinned by the wide-spread assumption of incredible skill required for an employee. This recruiting process has the added benefit of providing a handy selection of the best and brightest computer scientists around; suitable candidates are to be referred to Foundation recruiting offices at the discretion of the site supervisor.

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