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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Following the events of Incident Logs XXX-01 and 02, SCP-XXX is to be stored in the basement of Site ██ in a safe lined with no less than 2 centimeters of lead. Any personnel required to handle SCP-XXX are to follow Class 2 Hazardous Material guidelines.

Description: SCP-XXX is a semi-automatic handgun of unknown make and origin. It resembles a standard Glock-17 pistol, and is indistinguishable from such except when closely inspected. For details on the physical appearance of SCP-XXX, please see Inspection Log A.

The gun first came to the attention of the Foundation when ██████ ████████, a low level security guard, brought it to the attention of his immediate superior. ██████ ████████ states he purchased the gun illegally along with approximately ██ bullets, and became aware of its extraordinary qualities when he first attempted firing it. ██████ ████████ has since [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-XXX, when fired, is completely silent. Auditory analysis reveals that not only does the gun not produce any observable sound, it also effectively ‘mutes’ or cancels out any sound within a ██ centimeter radius. Any sound originating from within this radius cannot be observed by any known recording device.

Addendum: Incident Log XXX-01: 4/12/20██: Agents ████ and ██████ have reported severe headaches after their involvement in several experiments involving SCP-XXX. High dosage NSAID drugs prescribed, experiments continued.

4/17/20██: Agent ██████ hospitalized with [DATA EXPUNGED]. Agent ████ found in his home – remains show signs of extreme [DATA EXPUNGED]. Both bodies have been incinerated by order of O█.

Incident Log XXX-02: 6/21/20██: Several class-D personnel responsible for disposing of materials used in experiments XXX-01 – 15 have begun showing [DATA EXPUNGED]. Doctor ███████ complains that she has begun finding entire [REDACTED] in the hallways near the storage cell of SCP-XXX. These have been confirmed as belonging to the following class-D personnel: [REDACTED]. O█ recommends moving storage of SCP-XXX to a more remote location and upgrading containment procedures.

Inspection Log A: The gun has text in the same location one might expect to find manufacturing and serial number information. However, this text is not comprised of any known orthography, though it appears to be vaguely similar to the standard Roman alphabet. Linguistic analysis has confirmed that the symbols do not match any current or past spoken or written language, nor do they match any projected permutations of current languages. This mimicry is also evident on the bullets belonging to SCP-XXX.

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