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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Bodies recovered from SCP-XXXX are to be transported clandestinely to the adjacent cold storage facility in Yingkou for analysis. In the case that a living individual is transported into the area (see Incident XXXX-2011-R9), all measures are to be taken to provide medical care for the purpose of interrogation.

While SCP-XXXX continues to exhibit intermittent anomalous properties, complete isolation of the area from the rest of Yingkou has been determined to be unfeasible at this time. Foundation personnel embedded within construction crews and private security forces in the area are to restrict public access and promote the narrative that the area is underpopulated as the result of poor economic planning and irrational investor exuberance (see "Chinese Ghost Cities" media misinformation operation XXXX-MI-044). Planned construction efforts will be allowed to continue on a select basis under Foundation supervision.

Audio and visual recording equipment should cover a minimum of 80% of both indoor and outdoor spaces within the anomaly. Any corpses that appear within the area are to be immediately recovered and placed in Foundation cold storage in the adjacent staging area (Site-XX), while anomalous audio recordings are to be flagged by AI trawler software for review by SCP-XXXX personnel.

Description:The scip is an urban area in Yingjou, China. Starting in 2009, every once in a while a bunch of corpses appear in the abandoned city, lying around empty apartments, unoccupied offices, in the streets, etc. The weird thing about these corpses (other than the fact they appear from thin air in the hundreds) is that they are identical DNA matches for other, living, normal people throughout China, and appear physically to be identical to those individuals except for [REDACTED].

There are other anomalies in the region including phantom noises and voices, workers going missing for days at a time with no explanation, workers arriving for a shift only to encounter themselves already o the job, and [REDACTED]. Once, a living (though critical condition) individual was recovered from the city. In an interview log she tells a story about some sort of fight overtaking the city, the world suddenly turning red, and [REDACTED]

Containment procedures involve embedded Foundation agents watching for further anomalies and preventing people from moving in large numbers into the area.

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In this version, containment procedures are changed to reflect the real truth: the corpses that show up in the ghost town are always older than their living counterparts, and always from approx 2020. In other words, they appear to be from the future. Additionally, some of those corpses are of Foundation personnel, specifically MTF members outfitted for pitched combat.

Other phenomena are also temporal in nature, either echoes from the future or time phenomena affecting people within the confines of SCP-XXXX

The interview now reveals that the single living individual came from July 9th 2020, and some kind of force or creature was marauding through the city, killing civilians in terrible ways as the Foundation fought to contain it. The individual also appeared to say that the population of the currently all-but-abandoned city was in the hundreds of thousands.

Current Foundation research is focused on gleaning what clues can be gotten relating to future events, so that the on-site task forces will be able to contain whatever enemy shows up in 2020. For further information, see the Polchinski Project.

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By clicking on the Polchinski Project, the reader is informed of a secret Foundation research project conceived as a tool to avoid unnecessary civilian casualties and maintain normalcy. The Project's goal is the creation of a retrocausal worldline editor (technobabble tbd). Essentially, a device that affects every sentient being within a certain radius, retroactively reaching through time and creating alterations in their past such that they never ended up being at the location where the device was activated in the first place. This can be preferable to amnestics and other classical methods of containment because it prevents an event from ever being witnessed in the first place.

A key takeaway is that the Project IS NOT READY yet, though current timetables project it may be ready for testing by late 2020. SCP-XXXX and related phenomena are currently believed to represent evidence of a future test of this device.

However, with new evidence from SCP-XXXX, it is now believed possible that the Device simply created a closed time loop, depositing some bodies in the past as an unexpected malfunction and creating a number of other temporal oddities. According to this theory, the individuals who were discovered dead in SCP-XXXX must be allowed to be present at the time of the Event, so that they can die and be sent to the past. This includes Foundation personnel. Another theory holds that the Device may function through alternate universe theories, so the people can actually be saved, but the O5 Council is not yet convinced that it is worth it to risk all of the timeline in order to save a few thousand people.

The first version of the file exists for Agents assigned to the project to read, so that they can be kept unaware that their eventual response to the Event is, in essence, a predetermined suicide mission.

Containing SCP-XXXX now involves following what is known about the Event, then ensuring that the Device is developed in time to deploy it on July 9th 2020. The nature of the entity that will precipitate the conflict and deployment of the Device remains unknown.

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