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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is stored in a standard security chamber at Site ██. For ease of testing SCP-XXX has been connected to the Site ██ water and sewage systems, however use of the object outside of test conditions is prohibited. The risks associated with passive interaction with SCP-XXX are minimal. Some staff have reported feeling 'dirty' or 'stressed' during prolonged periods in the vicinity of SCP-XXX, accompanied by a mild compulsion to make use of SCP-XXX to bathe. This compulsion does not appear to be strong enough to force staff to break containment protocols so as to access SCP-XXX, however staff feeling said compulsion are encouraged to leave the vicinity of SCP-XXX.

Description: SCP-XXX is a large bathtub carved from an unknown type of stone superficially similar to marble. It was recovered from a home in ████████, ██ following a crime reconstruction performed as part of a police investigation into an alleged murder-suicide, during the course of which the object's anomalous properties were discovered.

Bathing in SCP-XXX has been described as extremely relaxing, to the extent that individuals using it for this purpose must be encouraged to leave by an external force; they will not exit the bath of their own accord. The primary effect of SCP-XXX begins to manifest between █ and ██ minutes after an individual has begun to bathe. At this stage, all foreign or abnormal objects are forcibly expelled from the user's body; this has been observed to include artificial implants, parasitic organisms, cancerous growths and [DATA EXPUNGED]. While under the influence of SCP-XXX users appear unaware of this process, however if disturbed by an external force they immediately experience extreme pain consistent with the trauma inflicted upon their body. Objects removed in this way typically settle in the water alongside the bather.

Approximately █ minutes after the initial manifestation of SCP-XXX's effect bathers begin to suffer from rapid muscle wastage; material lost in this way becomes mixed with the water within the bath. As a result of this bathers quickly loose the strength required to exit SCP-XXX even if they were so inclined, and must be assisted by external observers. Within █ minutes the process begins to affect major organs, with death occurring soon after. Despite the massive trauma inflicted in this way users remain ignorant of the effect unless alerted to it by an external force.

Complete deconstruction of the bather's body is typically completed within ██ minutes of the onset of SCP-XXX's effect. At this stage it is possible to extract specific organs from within the mix of water and organic material left within the bathtub. If left in SCP-XXX these remains are further deconstructed; after █ hours no identifiable material remains, with the contents of SCP-XXX instead comprising an organic 'soup'. Long-term tests have indicated that this appears to be slowly absorbed into SCP-XXX, leaving clean water after █ days. Parts of the stone from which SCP-XXX is carved subsequently show discolouration.

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SCP-XXX-3 in 18██ (left) and shortly after containment in 20██ (right)

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: At present no instances of SCP-XXX are contained by the Foundation, however at least ██ seperate instances are believed to exist. Foundation policy is to capture confirmed instances of SCP-XXX for experimentation followed by euthanasia, as long term containment is deemed neither viable nor valuable. Hostile instances of SCP-XXX should be terminated immediantly.

Description: Instances of SCP-XXX are physically indistinguishable from normal humans, and as yet no easily recognisable pattern of race or other characteristic has been observed among the SCP-XXX population. Instead, instances of SCP-XXX are distinguished by their knowledge of a technique allowing them to transfer their consiousness into a new body.

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