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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 5x5 meter room, on site-17. Maintenance on the containment room is to be performed every five months. SCP-XXXX is to be kept on a wooden stool and not to be disturbed during testing. Any requests to access SCP-XXXX must be approved by Dr. █████ as well as one level four or above personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a conical purple hat with five golden stars and one golden crescent moon stitched onto the fabric. SCP-XXXX appears to be 48 cm. in length with its brim being 27 cm. in diameter. Tests on the fabric reveal it to be made out of 30% cotton and 70% polyester. There is no label on the hat and thus it is unknown where it was made, or if there are other hats

Anyone who wears SCP-XXXX will be struck by one of two effects. These are categorized as SCP-XXXX-A and SCP-XXXX-B; it is believed that it is completely random which effect manifests when someone wears it. When SCP-XXXX is worn they will believe they are either a stage performing magician (SCP-XXXX-A) or an actual "wizard" (SCP-XXXX-B). In both cases, the wearer will attempt to perform "spells" or "tricks" of varying degree, almost always these tricks or spells will end catastrophically and, in 78% of cases, end in the death of the wearer.

In addition, wearer will always refer to themselves in third person, often referring to themselves as great or wise. SCP-XXXX's effects seem to cease approximately one minute once the the hat is knocked off of the subject and not worn again. Though when worn, it does not seem to be affected by gravity and thus can only be removed by another person. Even when the user is turned sideways or upside-down. During times when SCP-XXXX-A is active and the "trick" requires a stage assistant, an entity the user will refer to as "Jasmine" will appear, "Jasmine" is to be referred as SPC-XXXX-1 when she appears. Test logs for SCP-XXXX are as follows.

**Test logs for SCP-XXXX*


Subject: Subject D77813

Subject is told to put on SCP-XXXX
D77813: I am the great ███! Watch as I perform an amazing feat of magic; Pulling a rabbit out of this ordinary hat!
Subject pulls off hat, and pulls out one (1) white rabbit
D77813: Be amazed! look at this magnificent rabbit pulled out of thin ai- Ow, what are you doing you little- (Yelling) Aah! Stop that! Help! Ow!
Rabbit appears to have started gnawing and biting subjects index finger, rabbit successfully terminated, but at that time subject had lost his finger

Notes: Dissection of rabbit revealed it to be a common domesticated rabbit, with no noticeable difference to other rabbits.


Subject: Subject D77829

Subject is told to put on the hat, does so with no questions, despite being extremely uncooperative with all previous tests
D77829: Witness the magic powers of ███ the magnificent! Watch as I saw myself in half with the help of my lovely assistant, jasmine!
A woman wearing a black suit and tie along with a black top hat appears from below the camera, along with a hacksaw and rectangular box, appearingly hinged with two doors, along with a slot for a head and two feet
D77829: Ah, Jasmine, when I enter the box please padlock it shut and begin sawing, our audience is in for a treat!
The woman closes and padlocks in the subject once he is in the box, hat stays on without any change despite subject being sideways
D77829: Now then! watch as Jasmine saws me in half, but I remain unharmed!
"Jasmine" begins to saw subject in half, after approx. 12 seconds subject starts screaming, and blood appears to leak from bottle of box, after approx. 45 seconds subject appears to expire, and "Jasmine" walks away, disappearing behind camera

Notes: There are no labels or discerning marks on the box, thus it is impossible to discern how old it is. Jasmine is to be classified as SPC-XXXX-1 when she appears from now on

Is anyone else getting a Vegas vibe from this SCP, or is it just me?
-Dr. █████


Subject: Subject D77864

Subject is told to wear SCP-XXXX, does so with no complaints, same as last two tests
D77864: Foolish mortals! Who dares to contest █████ the wise? I am an all powerful wizard! Watch as I levitate and fly through the air!
Subject appears to jump up and float in midair for several seconds, before falling to the ground
D77864: Ow….Er… I mean.. That was only a test! Haha! Now I will really fly, defying all of your foolish "logic" and "science".
Subject appears to run then jump, this time sustaining levitation for thirty seconds, before abruptly spinning upside-down and falling, breaking subjects neck instantly

Notes: Subject responded differently when exposed to SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX appears to have two similar effects.

Well that was strange, seems SCP-XXXX has two sides, one of them being a stage magician and one being a "Real" wizard
-Dr. █████


Subject: Subject D77924

Subject is told to put on hat, subject complies.

D77924: Hark! Fear the great and mighty ██████ the Bright! Watch as I create and imbibe a potion of invisibility!
Subject appears to produce rectangular box measuring 12x32 cm. out of his hat, subject then appears to set an alembic, a vial, and a small calcinator on a table, he then takes out one vial containing a silverish liquid and one small pouch containing what appears to be sulfur
D77924: With these alchemical substances, I will become invisible! Haha!
Subject pours both substances into beaker, and begins to work on substances for approx. 12 minutes, upon finishing of mixing, he ingests the "potion"
D77924: These… these substances… they are tainted.. Ow…. Must have been my nemesis.. ███████
Subject expires after 32 minutes, toxicology report shows subject died from acute mercury poisoning

Notes: Carbon dating of plant residue on several of subjects "alchemical" apparati date them to be approx.
27█ years old.
ceasing testing for near-future and upgrading to euclid class.
-Dr. █████

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