A photograph taken of SCP-1155 at the time of capture in 1933
Item #: SCP-1155

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-1155 is to be kept in an artificial rainforest environment at a temperature of 27°C, within a 10x10x5m holding cell, fitted with windows on all sides to allow the necessary amount of light in and to observe the creature during testing. It does not need persistant monitoring and outside of testing periods, can be left alone for upwards of a week before it begins getting restless. As a carnivorous being, it must be fed once every 2 weeks on [DATA EXPUNGED]. No female members of staff are permitted within the containment area unless testing is underway. During this time, since Incident 1155-A, they must be accompanied by a armed male guard, of clearance 2 or higher.

Description: Item SCP-1155 was recovered in the Amazon rainforest by a capture team led by Dr ████ ██████ after tales began to spread through a nearby village of a serpent roaming the area in 1933, although the creature itself is thought to be far older than this. It was moved to Sector 19 on ██/██/████ following initial identification.
Colloquially known among agents as 'The Serpent', the creature bears close resemblance to a Boa Constrictor as far as the shape of its body and colouration are concerned. The creature also possesses unusually regenerative abilities that are a matter of debate among the researchers assigned to it.

Unusually, for a snake-like creature, the skin does not appear to ever shed and as a result has dulled considerably with age. The Serpent measures in at 4.7m – far larger than an ordinary Boa. When not feeding on the [DATA EXPUNGED] provided on a bi-weekly basis, the animal seems to be content in sifting through the dust in its enclosure with an open mouth and rarely consumes any liquids at all.

Due in large to its age, SCP-1155 has a somewhat tortured appearance. At various points along its sides, skin has torn, eight externally visible bones are chipped and two compound fractures have occurred, leading to the creature being forced to slide over its own exposed bones whenever it moves, which are incredibly brittle and prone to snap easily. As a result, it can be observed to be completely stationary for days on end.

One of the most bizarre characteristics of ‘The Serpent’ is how its regenerative properties manifest themselves. When inside of the rainforest environment, it would appear that other than the predetermined injuries, any further bones broken or lost, or any further skin tearing will slowly fix itself or return within a few weeks, but always in the same configuration, leaving the same lacerations, exposed bones and compound fractures as before. Because of this odd regenerative process, it is not known how SCP-1155’s injuries occurred in the first place. The best estimate, however, comes from Dr ██████ ████████’s recent research: If the creature is kept outside of the artificial rainforest for over a week, testing has shown that any injuries inflicted upon it will not recover, even when returned to the rainforest environment. This led the Doctor to conclude that the injuries presently seen along the creature’s body could well have been inflicted when it was outside of the rainforest. The creature appears to be in an almost constant state of pain due to this damage.
Another not-yet-understood ‘ability’ that the specimen possesses, is its apparent communication with the female researchers when they enter its containment cell. Volunteers report that upon venturing into the cell, they felt as though they were being spoken to, although from which direction they cannot say; it is assumed yet not confirmed to be the serpent. The women report being instructed to eat the fruit growing on the Strychnos plant within the hold – a poisonous red produce roughly the size of an apple, native to the Amazon - which remains in the enclosure now purely for testing purpose.
The guards have confirmed that the creature is not talking in any recognized audible manor and the creature exhibits none of the usual signs of psychic activity. One woman, ████ █████ died as a result of the creature's hold on her (Incident 1155-A). It has been documented by Dr Adrian Wallace that if the creature has not 'talked' to someone for any longer than 7 days, it will begin to become irritable and it's next encounter with one of the volunteers will produce a much more powerful effect, causing them to head for the fruit almost immediately after entering the room and prompting participants to engage in conversation with SCP-1155.

This effect is not recorded when the creature is not present in the room or with male staff. Further testing - regarding both the regenerative anomalies of the creature, and the nature of its communicative ability - is required.

Document #1155-1

Anne Holden was a clearance level 2 volunteer deemed in excellent psychological condition for communicative testing in SCP-1155's chamber. Below is an extract from the transcript of her describing the experience. Dr A. Wallace is interviewing.
Wallace: So you say that the snake talked to you, then?
Holden: Yes, doctor.
Wallace: Well? What did it say to you, Anne?
Holden: Umm… well, It was mostly hissing, and it was hard to pick out any words, but what I could understand was so compelling… so real… uhh, sorry… (5 second pause, a cough is heard) Um… It told me to eat the fruit.
Wallace: And you were going to, is that correct?
Holden: Yes, I was. It was like someone else had taken control of my mind. It made the fruit sound so good, so sweet and innocent.
Wallace: And that’s when the guard pulled you out of the room?
Holden: That's right, he had a job of yanking me out of there, though, I really wanted that fruit, I suppose (Holden laughs, nervously)
Wallace: Well you're safe now, Anne. You can head back to ████ ██.
Holden: One more thing, doctor… It said something else to me…
Wallace: Is that so? What else did it say then?

Incident Report #1155-A

On ██/██/████, a 23 year old woman by the name of ████ █████ was put into #1155's chamber after volunteering for testing. As protocol dictates, she acknowledged the dangers that she faced and continued into the enclosure without the protection of a guard. Drs ███ ████ and ██ █████ were monitoring the activity and two unarmed guards were present for extraction of the subject. Testing began as normal; however it was observed that the subject began exhibiting previously unseen behaviour: she walked over to the creature despite being under direction to not do so. She sat down next to it and began to talk. The decision was made not to cancel the trial and the doctors let the conversation take place. After 5:36 of talking, the woman got up and continued to the Strychnos plant. It is unknown whether she was conscious of her own actions at this point.

The guards then entered the room to get her out before she had time to consume the fruit – as was standard procedure. However when they got into the enclosure, the subject reacted very unpredictably, jumping around the enclosure and screaming. She grabbed the fruit and bit into it before being subdued by the guards and dragged out. Convulsions began shortly thereafter and the subject was dead within an hour. The creature was left without testing for two weeks with no adverse effects, which suggests that if it takes a victim, it can last longer without becoming restless.

The victim's family was informed that she had died in a shipping accident as part of the usual routine for veiling such events from the public.

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