Item #: SCP-1257

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1257 is to be kept at a locked display case in Site ██, with a level 2 personnel watching over it at all times.
Revision: SCP-1257 is to be kept inside a secure sealed room in Site 28 with incinerators trained on the object, watched by at least two level 2 personnel and 5 D-Class personnel armed with handheld incinerators at all times. As SCP-1257 has not been known to show any anomalous properties while in view from surveillance measures as security cameras, constant, non-interrupted surveillance of SCP-1257 has been issued. Further research requires O-5 approval.

Description: SCP-1257 currently appears as a replica of the La Gioconda, known better as the Mona Lisa, on a standard splined canvas, it's dimensions being at 30" x 24". There is a signature on the bottom right of the canvas, titling the painting as 'Smile', produced by 'Malereibetrieb Heiner & Kühnert GmbH' (Heiner & Kühnert Paintings). Records indicate that this company has been abolished in 1890, no other information on the company exists otherwise.
The illustration of SCP-1257 however has been know to alter drastically from individual to individual, however the conversion process has never been seen, as the conversion process is almost instantaneous and will only occur when not in visual contact. Some of the most prevalent appearances of SCP-1257 include:

  • Abstract shapes of varying properties
  • A dark wooded area
  • A small, dimly lit hallway extending to an unknown distance
  • A view underwater
  • Smoking ruins of a house
  • A smiling old woman sitting on a rocking chair

All of these have common psychological impacts on their subjects, which subjects usually show signs of discomfort, anxiety and nausea and ask to be removed from the painting. If held longer than around 30 minutes of viewing the painting, paranoia, dementia and suicidal tendencies may occur upon the subject, who often attempt to remove themselves from SCP-1257 by force and termination of these subjects is often necessary.
All of these scenes appear to work against the phobias of the subjects, as for example, a D-class with claustophobia will be met with the infinite hallway, and the longer they are subjected to it, a feeling of being 'sucked in' was reported by the subject, and signs of vertigo was seen in the subject before his removal from SCP-1257.
Also, a recurring and prevalent being has been seen in almost all the subjects, appearing as a large spider, wolf, humanoid figure which seem to reflect the phobias of each subject as well. This being will be henceforth referred to as SCP-1257-1, and the significance of it's appearance is unknown.

SCP-1257 was brought to the foundation's attention when locals from a village in ████████, Germany reported a haunted painting in an abandoned factory. An agent in the area alerted the foundation after a low level police investigation was launched following the locals suffering from dementia and psychosis. Class A amnesiacs were issued to everyone involved and the painting has since moved to Site ██. The factory however, has been found out as to having been owned by a dummy corporation with no other records of its use.

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