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Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Public containment procedures in place. Two (2) agents, S██████ and M███████, are stationed full-time in SCP-XXXX's guest house and are to maintain cover as custodians of the property. Agents are to maintain audio and visual surveillance of SCP-XXXX to prevent intrusion onto the property and record its anomalous qualities. Agents are instructed to apprehend POI1 Amelia Holbrook on sight. At no time are the decibel levels within SCP-XXXX to be raised above 70dB.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 4,790 square foot home located in ████████, New England. Records show it was constructed in 1997 and owned by Amelia Holbrook née Kneller.

SCP-XXXX came to the Foundation's attention on April ██, 20██ when the domicile's silent alarm indicated an intruder on the premises. Police dispatch located the body of an unidentified intruder partially absorbed into the north-facing wall of the first floor living room. Embedded Foundation operatives corralled the flow of information and took possession of SCP-XXXX. Neighbors informed the Foundation that Amelia Holbrook was currently on vacation to Germany but as of May ██, 20██ she has not been located.

SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties become active when decibel levels within the house rise above 70dB. Individuals creating the noise describe an increase in pressure (headaches, ears popping, etc.) that increases as long as the noise levels are maintained. If noise levels remain above 70dB for a period of 4-6 minutes, affected individuals report hearing a loud banging coming from within SCP-XXXX's walls. This sound has not been picked up on audio recorders or witnesses present during testing.

D-26436 during Experiment XXXX-E07.
If the noise levels remain consistent, an edocytosis-like "Trapdoor" event occurs and the subject creating the heightened noise levels is absorbed into the walls, floor, or ceiling of SCP-XXXX. A Trapdoor event partially displaces the infrastructure of the house itself to make room for the absorbed individual. The absorption is nearly instantaneous. Absorbed individuals remain alive, but the tight confines they become trapped in prevent them from escaping on their own. Most victims asphyxiate or expire from dehydration, starvation or self-harm. Only individuals outside of the walls can free an absorbed subject, but the effort of removing them risks becoming absorbed themselves if they produce excessive noise.

Cessation of noise prior to a Trapdoor event will prevent it from occurring, but only as long as noise levels remain below 70dB. SCP-XXXX is somehow able to distinguish those responsible for excessive noise even if they are not present within the same room (such as leaving a musical device on in one room and retreating to another room). SCP-XXXX will first absorb the individual responsible for the noise, and if the noise is not ended will affect the next closest subject to the source of the noise, continuing Trapdoor events until the noise is ended.

X-Rays of SCP-XXXX have revealed ██ bodies belonging to canines and humans of various ages. Currently there is no known way to extract these bodies without risking a Trapdoor event.

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