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Input control room of SCP-XXX, showing the control system.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is impossible move and as such, must be contained on-site. A two (2) meter tall concrete fence is to be maintained in twenty (20) meter radius around the entire site. Patrols are to be established, with the standard 4 shift schedule. Satellite images are to be doctored to remove any trace of SCP-XXX. Security cameras are to be placed inside and outside SCP-XXX to monitor for any signs of activity, and for any change in the location of SCP-XXX-1. Only staff related to the maintenance and patrol of SCP-XXX are to be allowed on-site, unless cleared by Level 4 staff or higher. Exploration is possible in SCP-XXX, however only teams of ten (10) or less are allowed to be in SCP-XXX at once, as [REDACTED]

Description: SCP-XXX is a small, one story building located in █████, Illinois, discovered in 19██ by ██████ ███. ██████ ███ was seen going to and from SCP-XXX multiple times, usually with a container and leaving it with liquids of various colors, according to interviews with eyewitnesses. Agent █████ was dispatched to the scene after it was reported that ██████ ███ was found dead in his home with severe chemical burns and lacerations on 87% of his body. After learning of the location of SCP-XXX from local residents, Agent █████ discovered the anomalous properties of the building, and it was taken under the Foundation's care. All residents of the town were administered Class-B amnesiacs and any trace of the building was removed from external sources. ██████ ███'s body was sent to Foundation medical staff for examination.

Output room, detailing the porcelain sinks and one of the two graffiti signatures. Taken before Incident XXX-3.
The primary anomalous properties of SCP-XXX are two rooms, dubbed the "Input" and "Output" rooms. The "Input" room contains several apparatus. There are two generators of unknown make and model on the left wall of the room, connected to a large pump leading to four (4) functional valves and five (5) nonfunctional valves of unknown purpose. Each valve's pipe leads to the "Output" room.

The Output room is a large bathroom, with four porcelain sinks lined up against the left wall. Two graffiti signatures are located on the front and left walls, both referring to Scandinavian graffiti artist "█████████"(further research in Document-XXX-I-█████████). When one of the functional valves in the Input room of SCP-XXX are turned, a liquid will come out of its respective sink. This has been observed to be from common liquids (water, milk) to liquid metals (magnesium, iron), to [REDACTED](see Experiment Log XXX-153-2 for complete list of liquids produced by SCP-XXX as of 12/5/20██). It is currently unknown where the drains lead, as closer inspection has yielded that the drainage simply stops in the middle of the wall. Every lunar cycle, it has been observed that the liquids dispensed change randomly. As of 12/5/20██, Sink 4 and Valve 4 are nonfunctional.

Sample of Experiment Log XXX-153-2:

Date: 26/8/20██

Experiment-02: Valve 2 turned. Sink 2 in output room turned on, to "Hot". Sink 2 immediately catches fire, and approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds later, fire is put out. Later testing reveals the liquid to be napalm, of the same grade as used by the US in the Vietnam War. Yet again, no scorch marks or any sign of damage is noted on the sink. Sample collected and stored in Containment Locker XXX-1. Upgrade to Euclid class requested.

Upgrade granted. O5-█

Date: 5/10/20██

Experiment-09: D-2156-325 is sent into the Input room with an assortment of tools, with the purpose of dismantling equipment. Subject begins unscrewing a bolt from the generator next to a pipe. On contact with the generator, a pipe next to the generator bursts and hot engine oil is sprayed on subject. The subject is seen running around the room while clutching his face, until he finally hits his head on a nearby pipe. Autopsy reveals severe facial burns down to bone marrow, and almost complete disintegration of both eyes. No trace of the aformentioned engine oil is found. Most notably, the burst pipe is seen slowly regenerating itself over a period of fifteen (15) hours, until it is completely "healed" and functional.

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