SCP XXXXX-1 Consists of one urn, (Dimensions) constructed of polished brass containing the cremated remains of (censored) founder of the Temple of Skychildren. X-Ray Spectrometry of the urn itself yealds no significant metallurgical findings. The contained ashes consisted of Phosphate 47.5%, Sodium 1.12%, Calcium 25.3%, Sulfate 11.00%, Potassium 3.69%, Chloride 1.00%, Silica 0.9%, Magnesium 0.418%,as well as Aluminum Oxide, Iron Oxide, Zinc,Titanium Oxide, Barium, Antimony, Chromium, Copper, Manganese, Lead, Tin, Vanadium, Mercury, and Beryllium also present in minute quantities.

SCP XXXXXX was recovered by the foundation after the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) conducted a search and seizure of the compound owned by the Temple of the Skychildren, hereinafter refered to as TSC, located approximately 70 km northwest of Oshoto Wyoming. ATF actioned said target based on
intelligence which indicated the TSC engineered a new breed of psilocybin mushroom and were using the profits from their distribution to purchase materials used to construct a radiological dispersal device (RDD),commonly referred to as a "dirty bomb". ATF arrested 23 individuals ranging in age from 16 to 58 including the TSC high priestess, (censored)'s widow who was acquired by the foundation through standard D class personnel requisition procedure, hereinafter referred to as D-5386.

After a thorough search of the TSC compound ATF agents discovered:

a. Approximately 180 kilograms of dried psilocybin fungi of an unknown species.
b. Two (2) 4kg rods of polonium-210/beryllium alloy,
c. A crude Radioisotope thermoelectric generator
d. Six (6) hard drives containing a total of 1.2 petabytes of corrupted information,
e. (censored)
f. What appears to be an incomplete microwave transmitter hereinafter referred to as SCP XXXXXX-0. Technology and construction of transmitter is unusual and consistent with [REDACTED].

Interview of D-5386:

D-5386 is a Caucasian female, 54 years of age, in general good health however appears to have suffered significant brain damage through years of ilicit drug abuse.

Dr. XX: Good afternoon 5386, are you ready to answer some questions today?

5386: I want my lawyer.

Dr. XX: Yes well due to the circumstances of your arrest, and current political climate in regards to homeland

security, legal council is not authorized. In fact, officially (censored) is no longer entitled to legal council

at all as she is legally deceased. A result of radiation poisoning some 11 days ago along with 22 other members of

an obscure cult the tabloids will soon forget. So 5386 are we going to make your stay here as pleasant as

possible? Or will we be returning to solitary confinement and sleep deprivation?

5386: …

Dr. XX: Right, lets talk about this then shall we?(hands 5386 a photo of SCP-XXXX)

5386: (whispers) this is the key.

Dr. XX: Whats that 5386?

5386: The key man, this is the key to unlock heaven.

Dr. XX: I see; and how does it work?

5386: {agitated} I don't know! how do like the flowers or the tides or the moon work man?, father (censored) shows us what to do, how to unlock the sky so he can bring us to the other side; to set his children free.

Dr. XX: And how does does (censored) speak to you?

5386: He doesn't speak thats communion of the flesh! He pumps it direct, downloaded into our third eye, sparks of liquid enlightenment man! Burning through the preconstructed reality to the truth, the like real true truth!

Dr. XX: Sit down 5386. How does this communication take place?

5386: At dawn, before the stars set the Temple gathers and we partake in the cosmic communion like the father told us on the night he left for the heavens. The holy wafer grown in the darkness of the earth and the stardust of the father who ascended beyond the cosmos to prepare our path. When we take the father's stardust into our earth bodies he guides our hands to do his great work, he like whispers with his soul from the core of our bones man.

SCP XXXX-1 Test results

Control group:

Test group 1: SCP XXXX 0.125 grams orally. No noticable effects.

Test group 2: 3.5 grams unknown psilocybin fungus administered orally.

Test group 3: both 0.125 grams of SCP XXXX-1 and 3.5 grams of unknown psilocybin fungus administered orally.

Human consumption of ashes when consumed in conjunction with the unknown species of psilocybin fungi seems to induce a relaxed euphoric state, with visual, tactile, and auditory hallucinations. When Multiple subjects are allowed to interact they appear to experience a singular hallucination, however subjects do not exhibit a marked disconnect from reality. When given paper and charcoal subjects began designing [REDACTED].
when separated and isolated in observation booths subjects given electronic components began modular construction of [REDACTED] components have been seized.

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