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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept locked in a steel box at containment site ██. UPDATE: Since incident XXX-A, all personnel entering a 5 km radius around the site are to be searched for utensils. Any utensils will be confiscated, unless the personnel specifies they want to test SCP-XXX's effect transferring properties.

Description: SCP-XXX is a fork measuring 19.05 cm. The metal part is made out of an alloy composed of aluminium, ██████ and ████████, and seems to emit a small amount of █████ radiation, in insufficient quantities to be harmful. The handle is an extension of the head with two pieces of red plastic covering the wider sides. SCP-XXX's abnormal properties manifest themselves when it is used to consume meat. 5 minutes after consuming the meat, the person who used SCP-XXX will begin to change into an animal of the species the meat came from. The length of the transformation varies depending on the size of the animal relative to the subject, but takes around 20 minutes for an animal of similar size. UPDATE: Every 5 hours, SCP-XXX will emit a burst of █████ radiation. Any utensils within a radius of ~1 Km when this happens will begin to exhibit properties similar to SCP-XXX, including the ability to add its properties to other utensils. However, the affected utensil will be considered to be one "Generation" older than the utensil that affected it (The original SCP-XXX is considered to be generation 1), reducing the strength of its abnormal properties. The delay between the consumption of meat and the start of the transformation will be longer, the transformation will be slower, the range of the radiation burst will be smaller, the strength of the █████ radiation emitted will be weaker and the effects of "Non-Standard" transformations will be different. Utensils that have been affected by the radiation burst include:

  • A metal spoon.
  • A plastic fork.
  • A pair of wooden chopsticks.
  • A metal knife (Eating food that has been cut with it triggers the transformation.)

The unusual properties of affected utensils generally disappear after one month. However, if the same utensil is caught multiple times in a radiation burst, it will keep its properties for another month, regardless of the generation of the utensil that has emitted the burst. If multiple utensils are close enough, they will perpetually "extend" the duration of their unusual properties. The effects of the original SCP-XXX never disappear, as proven trough use of SCP-XXX, a [REDACTED]ing SCP.


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