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SCP-1134 photographed shortly after recovery from its original containment.

Item #: SCP-1134

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1134 is to be contained in a soundproof airtight chamber, no less than 0.5m3 filled with superheated helium gas.
Note:Pending further investigation of its properties, SCP-1134 has been transferred to Research Sector-12 and is to be maintained by no fewer than two level-one personnel at any time. Other containment procedures are to be carried out as normal.

Description: SCP-1134 is a small, unadorned lead-crystal bowl, measuring approximately 15cm in height and 20cm in diameter at its rim. When struck, or indeed when the crystal's structure is disrupted at all, the subject emits a tone in a similar manner to that of other hollow lead-crystal vessels, with some notable differences;

  • The intensity of the sound is inversely proportional to the force with which the subject is struck.
  • The frequency of the sound emitted has been shown to begin at █Hz, just below human hearing range, and gradually increase up to █████Hz, just above humans' hearing range.

This makes SCP-1134 quite a dangerous object in a domestic setting, where only small forces would ever be applied to it. It is theorised that were the subject ever exposed to wind, the resulting sound intensity would cause massive damage to the surroundings.
The pistons used in the subject's containment are there to provide a constant force, and the superheated gas creates a constant disruption to the crystal's structure, therefore keeping the sound intensity at a level of approximately 10W/m2, low enough not to be of any danger to itself or its surroundings.

SCP-1134 was discovered buried 2m below ground level at the very edge of ██████ ███████. It was recovered by the SCP team when construction workers reported finding a solid cube of unknown material and origin, presumed a hollow box. This box was originally designated SCP-1134, but since has been renamed SCP-1134-B. It is almost of more interest than SCP-1134 itself. For more information, see Dr. █████████'s initial report.

Reports and testing logs:

██th October 20██ - Initial Recovery

Overseeing Researcher: Dr. █████████
Subject Designation: SCP-1134
Initial Classification: Safe

At 0█00 today a mobile detachment deposited a small blue box and two armed personnel in my lab.

The box is precisely 26.53cm on each side, a measurement which has been found to be accurate to over forty decimal places. It is deep violet in colour, and radio imaging has demonstrated that its only constituent material absorbs light of lower frequencies and re-emits higher frequencies, although at a reduced intensity due to the energy difference. The box weighs approximately 19kg, surprisingly heavy considering its size; this unidentified material presumably is denser than any other we have yet encountered.

The sides of the box appear to be perfectly smooth, yet matt in colour. Observation with a 19x optical microscope reveals only a constant degree of smoothness unlike any normal material; the surface of the box is literally flawless. The edges and corners of the box are similarly flawless, in the sense that they form mathematically right-angles true to the greatest achievable degree of optical magnification. I have submitted a request to examine the surface with the on-site electron microscope.

Note: Dr. █████████'s request was denied, due to higher-priority resource allocation.

██th April 20██ - De-containment (testing log 1134-83)

Overseeing Researcher: Dr. █████████
Subject Designation: SCP-1134
Subject Classification: Safe

Testing log 1134-83, Magnetic Resonance Response Test.
Testing Transcript:

Dr. █████████: Ok, subject in position. Are we ready to go?
1/1134-B: Aye aye doc, all green lights up here.
Dr. █████████: Fantastic. Ok, warm her up, don't start emitting until I say.
1/1134-A: Roger that.
1/1134-C: Doctor, does this look right to you?
Dr. █████████: What? No, yes that's fine. Just don't let it go over forty.
1/1134-B: Dr. █████████, we're ready to start testing.
Dr. █████████: Ok, on my mark. Three… Two… One… Start the test.
1/1134-B: Starting at six-hertz resonance.
1/1134-A: Temperature rising, nineteen degrees.
Dr. █████████: increase it to eight.
1/1134-B: Frequency increasing.
1/1134-C: Doctor?
Dr. █████████: Yes?
1/1134-C: We're not getting any readings.
Dr. █████████: Not… Wait, what?
1/1134-C: Look; the field's being generated, but it's not being detected. It's like it's sucking the magnetism out of the air.
Dr. █████████: My God, I've never seen anything like it before…
1/1134-A: Shit! Doctor, I think it's smoking!
Dr. █████████: Switch it off, now!
1/1134-B: Roger, shutting down. How does it look down there?
Dr. █████████: Shut up and eject the bed.
1/1134-B: It won't come out. The computer's sulking. Hey, what's that sound?
Dr. █████████: What sound?
1/1134-B: It's like a really low ringing. Like a bell.
*a low ringing can be heard on the tape*
1/1134-A: Hey, I hear it too. Is it coming from the box?
Dr. █████████: Not quite. Take a look at this.
1/1134-C: Is that a bowl? What the hell is it doing in a supernatural mystery box?
Dr. █████████: Beats me. Well, we finally figured out how to open it at least.
1/1134-C: Yeah, good job we had that handy MRI machine nearby…
1/1134-A: Doctor, it's getting louder.
*the ringing is, indeed, getting louder*
Dr. █████████: I think it's coming from this. You ever tapped a crystal bowl?
1/1134-A: They usually don't get louder. Or higher.
1/1134-B: They usually don't start singing of their own accord, either.
Dr. █████████: Well, whatever it is, it's not Keter that's for sure.
1/1134-C: I'm disappointed. I was looking forward to dying a horrible death.
Dr. █████████: Stow the lip, that can still be arranged.

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