Soulbane's Box
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SCP-XXX photographed shortly after impact

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: There are currently no known methods by which to contain SCP-XXX. Several attempts at intercept and containment of SCP-XXX have been made during its trajectory towards Earth and have resulted in catastrophic loss of both Foundation personnel and assets. Those personnel with at least Level 3 Clearance can view Incident logs XXX-A and XXX-B for further details. Any civilian or international aircraft are to be rerouted if their path crosses SCP-XXX’s trajectory within a distance of 50 km.

All Foundation attention and protection efforts have been redirected instead towards securing the impact site and the eradication of all biological materials and organisms issuing from SCP-XXX upon impact.

Description: SCP-XXX is a large, metallic sphere of unknown composition with an irregular surface and a diameter measuring approximately five meters. SCP-XXX is the principal object in an event that takes place once every 14 years (on or around the ██th of ████), starting in Earth’s atmosphere and ending shortly after impact with terra firma. SCP-XXX materializes via an unknown mechanism high in Earth’s orbit (~120 km above the surface) where it completes two orbits of the Earth before beginning to fall to the surface. The total amount of time it takes to make these orbits is 26-30 hours on average, but recent studies have shown this timetable to be accelerating on each subsequent appearance of SCP-XXX. If unimpeded, the object will impact the Earth approximately 8 hours after beginning its decent as SCP-XXX follows a circuitous path around the globe while descending at a rate of about 10-15 km/hour. Because of SCP-XXX’s relatively constant descent rate and speed, likely target zones can be determined in advance of the actual impact so long as the object is not engaged or interrupted. In light of Incidents XXX-A and XXX-B, at no time are Foundation aircraft to engage SCP-XXX and any observational or research aircraft should maintain a minimum distance of 1000 meters to minimize activation of the SCP object’s defense system.

SCP-XXX’s defense system is simple, yet effective. The SCP object has shown remarkable maneuverability and the ability to come to a complete stop or reverse direction with little to no hesitation. Upon initial contact with SCP-XXX in 19██, no outward appearance of any defense mechanism was present, but after Incident XXX-A in 19██, the object has since shown extreme hostility towards other aircraft. If SCP-XXX’s path is impeded or if any aircraft comes within 500 meters, small openings appear on the surface of SCP-XXX through which projectiles are launched at a high rate of speed and accuracy. These projectiles resemble smaller versions of itself which explode upon contact with a force that increases exponentially on each successful impact with its target. It has yet to be determined whether this defense system is automated or controlled by another entity, either from within the object or remotely. If the object’s progress is impeded or if the object is threatened by other aircraft, upon their destruction SCP-XXX will accelerate its speed and will make impact with its target zone as quickly as possible.

The termination of SCP-XXX’s flight and its subsequent impact has to date always been in a relatively remote area of Earth with a low human population including deserts, relatively inaccessible mountainous regions, ██████████, and ███████, with the exception of its impact at Foundation Site-██ following Incident XXX-B. Site-██ served as the aircraft hangar and runway from which Foundation jets were launched to engage SCP-XXX during Incident XXX-B. Site-██ was completely destroyed in the impact, resulting in over ██ Foundation personnel casualties and the loss of millions of dollars of Foundation assets.

No crater is formed upon SCP-XXX’s impact. Instead, the object comes to rest on the ground at the termination of its flight with only a small impression in the earth, likely due to the weight of the object. Within five minutes of coming to rest, vertical seams appear on the surface of SCP-XXX through which a yellowish cloud of gas of unknown composition is expelled at a high rate of speed, as if under pressure. Numerous seeds and spores of various shapes and sizes are launched out with the cloud of gas onto the surrounding surfaces. Many of these projected seeds are motile, having what appear to be cilia and flagella-like protrusions which they use to bury themselves rapidly in the nearby strata. These seeds have been seen not only to penetrate everything from regular soil to hard-packed dirt, ice, the flesh of nearby animals and even stone but to actually flourish and germinate within these substances. It is hypothesized that [DATA EXPUNGED] although no evidence to date has shown these structures to be present within the seeds.

Left: One of SCP-XXX's spores Right: One of SCP-XXX's seeds

The various species of flora produced by the seeds are extremely invasive and invariably kill all but the hardiest of surrounding vegetation by rapidly absorbing any nutrients found in the strata. If allowed to mature fully, the various plant-like organisms retain the mobility demonstrated by their seeds and have even uprooted themselves and have moved in what appears to be a predatory pattern to seek out more nutrients once they have depleted those in their immediate area. Studies conducted on these plant-like lifeforms have shown no similarity to any other terrestrial flora and compounds and substances harvested from these plants are found to be extremely deadly. Numerous enzymes and chemicals found within the plants’ sap have a necrotizing effect on approximately 90% of animal life found on Earth. Weaponization tests are pending.

SCP-XXX's plant-like organisms at full maturity

Fungal-like spores are also released into the air with the cloud of gas. These spores are extremely aerodynamic and have been observed to float up to a kilometer outwards from SCP-XXX on air currents. If allowed to grow, the fungal masses produced by the spores exhibit carnivorous behavior, luring insects and, in large colonies, even small animals to their death via a sweet-smelling liquid exuded by the fungus. Upon contact with the fungus, chemicals similar to those found in the sap of the aforementioned plant-like organisms are injected through small needle-like hairs into its victim. Death is almost instantaneous and the fungal carpet will immediately attach itself to the corpse and begin liquefying its prey to be absorbed.

After SCP-XXX has expunged all of its seeds and spores, the object undergoes an unknown chemical or mechanical process in which its molecular bonds break down. The object appears to liquefy and then sublimate rapidly leaving no trace behind. Attempts at containment of this liquid or gas have failed thus far.

The origin of SCP-XXX is unknown, but Foundation researchers hypothesize that the object’s genesis is either interdimensional or intergalactic in nature, having been sent to Earth with the purpose of hostile colonization.

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