Mrs. Bakers wrapped up her lesson, reminding the students that there was to be a Spelling Bee next Monday and to not forget what homework was due tomorrow. Schoolchildren shuffled on their backpacks, excited for the end of school. A few boys ran out first, wanting to get dibs on the best handball courts. Mrs. Bakers waved the rest off before going about cleaning up. Two girls stayed after class to help her. The first was Patricia, the class president. The second was a shy girl named Gertrud, who appeared to follow Patricia around like a lost puppy half the time and the other half cowering from the other students. Mrs. Bakers suspected bullying, but had yet to catch someone in the act and so did nothing about it. The two schoolgirls each got a lollipop for their helpfulness, taking their favorite flavors and running off. Mrs. Bakers, however, noticed something strange on Gertrud's face and called her back. She swept away the girl's brown hair to examine it further. It was a large bruise on her left eye, purple and angry with a blue ring.

"Gertrud, what's this?" Concern laid in her voice. "How'd you get this bruise?"

Gertrud shifted her school uniform nervously, having hoped that the teacher wouldn't notice for the past few days. She had even purposefully sat with her face in her book and her long bangs covering the injury most of the day in order to avoid anyone seeing. "I-It's nothing. I slipped on some rocks." She was no liar but pulled herself away before Mrs. Bakers could question further. Grabbing her backpack, she ran out the door before she had the second sling on. She pretended not to hear the concerned yelling of Mrs. Bakers. How'd she talk her way out of this now? She sighed at the thought, meeting Patricia just outside.

"What took you so long?" Patricia was admonishing, tying and re-tying her long dark hair into their characteristic pigtail shape. "I heard yelling. Did you get in trouble?" Her voice was always rather nasally, a quality that irked Gertrud sometimes but she put up with it. Patricia was one of her only friends. It was because of her only friend that Gertrud was able to meet that Wish Granter and become a Puella Magi. In simpler terms, a magical girl. However, the title made them sound more official and sounded more, well, magical, so Gertrud liked to use it over the simpler term. Gertrud shook her head at her friend, their brisk walk developing into a run. There needed nothing else to be said.

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be an adult male humanoid, approximately 43kg in weight and 1.78m in height. Subject appears to be missing at least half of his body mass, with the only organs and limbs entirely intact being the left arm, heart, and brain. Approximately 23% of SCP-XXXX's available skin appears to made up of wings from multiple species in the Papilionidae (Swallowtail Butterfly) and Libellulidae (Skimmer/Percher Dragonfly) families. These wings are capable of moving in an apparently random fluttering motion; SCP-XXXX doesn't appear to have any control over these movements.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

[2012-07-04 00:46:26] <Soulless> Roget: I'm thinking something to do with children and childhoods.
[2012-07-04 00:46:28] <Faminepulse> total mustache control
[2012-07-04 00:46:30] <Faminepulse> gogo
[2012-07-04 00:46:40] <Soulless> Roget: Possibly a complete removal of everything nostalgic and childish
[2012-07-04 00:46:42] <Jekeled> Faminepulse: I'll add it to my list
[2012-07-04 00:46:45] —>| feathers (||noremac) has joined #site19
[2012-07-04 00:46:46] =-= DexaLOL is now known as Dexanote
[2012-07-04 00:46:48] <Roget> Soulless oh god
[2012-07-04 00:46:58] <Roget> That sounds horrifying
[2012-07-04 00:47:00] <Soulless> And all that remains are bad memories
[2012-07-04 00:47:01] <feathers> Dexadood
[2012-07-04 00:47:06] <Jekeled> D:
[2012-07-04 00:47:07] <Jekeled> Oh god
[2012-07-04 00:47:09] <Soulless> like when mommy threw a jug of milk at daddy fter a big fight
[2012-07-04 00:47:13] <feathers> Souless :>
[2012-07-04 00:47:16] <Jekeled> Soulless: That's actually horrifying
[2012-07-04 00:47:26] <Soulless> Jekeled: great, let me write that
[2012-07-04 00:47:44] <VWRH> Soulless: You speak of that which was nevr meant to happen.
[2012-07-04 00:47:45] <Roget> Soulless please write that for the love of smooze
[2012-07-04 00:47:54] <VWRH> *nevef
[2012-07-04 00:48:02] <Soulless> Roget: I will write that

Soulless It's an scp that infects from person to person through a means that needs to be fleshed out more, causing them to be able to 'control' their blood, over a period of X time, the cells that they control also begin to lose their own automatic functions, causing the person to be having to control them for themselves
murphy_slaw mmkay
Algebraic fin?
murphy_slaw so the ultimate result is that you have to concentrate to make your blood circulate
murphy_slaw or you die
Soulless eventually what starts off as an awesome superpower becomes a crippling hell, in which the person is basically comatose trying to do billions of things at once, eventually the brain is just like 'fuck everything' and stops being able to keep up, resulting in a slow overwhelming death
Soulless like a high level tetris

Faminepulse Okay the picture isn't so much a picture as an idea about being born into a world without a sun, although this doesn't affect the environment in a way that it would affect ours, it simply doesn't exist. What we call a telephone is in their world, our main means of documentation for the object itself. Their "device" occasionally transmits physical feelings for every sound and smell that comes…
06:37 Faminepulse …through the receiver, although the reader does not know this much about their reality. The object itself is an entity existing in that world, and in their world it is an anomaly. It is a human of ambiguous gender that is desperately trying to find its way into a more suitable reality, and in its confusion breathes into the receiver desperately in the language of the things around it as a…
06:37 Faminepulse …sort of distress call.
06:40 Faminepulse Interview log from a microwave; Excerpts of "dialogue" from the paranatural entity: Feelings of hot mud on the skin, the words themselves are alien so they don't matter, but what it's trying to say is "GOD, IS THERE A GOD THERE, IF IT IS YOU THEN FUCKING HELP"
06:44 Faminepulse but if you do write it maybe lieik, put in article something to effect of The smell of cold mountain air after a rainfall in the summer, the meaning that the entity is trying to convey is that - "They're crowding around me, they're everywhere? What am I and what is this? I shouldn't be there and they are prodding with tones I can't describe, melting me into a concept in their respective…
06:44 Faminepulse …psyches. I just know this, it is bestowed upon me, and it is horrible. Help. Please help. Send a savior through the receiver."
06:44 Soulless yes
06:45 Faminepulse but that relly an allegory for dicks
06:45 Soulless I'll write appropriately
06:45 Faminepulse LOL

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