Spectral battleship
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SCP-1937: The Spectre Battleship

Class: Euclid

^^SCP-1937 as seen from SCPS ███████, ██/██/83 ^^

Special Containment Procedures: The area within a 50 kilometer radius of coordinates ██°██′N ███°██′E (designated Waypoint Theta Gamma 37) are declared forbidden to all sea and air-borne vehicles. Official records have been altered with two "possible" coordinates for the location of vessel ███████. The perimeter of this region is currently monitored by an array of sonar nets as well as a series of unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with [REDACTED]. Any unauthorized vessels that ingress and egress out of the forbidden zone are to be boarded by SCP security personnel with all electronics wiped of all recent data and all human beings are to be administered a Class A Amnesiac.

Should SCP-1937 approach within 45 kilometers of the perimeter, Contingency Plan Theta Gamma 45-18 is to be implemented. Contingency Plan Theta Gamma 45-18 comprises the firing of a minimum of nine 406 mm Mark 8 Armor Piercing shells from the foundation operated battleship SCPS ████████ until SCP-1937 returns to within 1945 meters of Waypoint Theta Gamma 37.

Object Description: SCP-1937 visually appears to be a Yamato-class battleship, approximately 263 m long and 38.9 m wide. Photographic evidence appeared to show a configuration of secondary armaments identical to that of the vessel ███████ prior to its sinking during combat in 194█.

Whenever a vessel or aircraft that does not bear the Rising Sun Flag enters within 42 kilometers of SCP-1937, the object immediately attacks the intruder with an accuracy of ██ percent using a barrage of projectile fire. During a recent experiment, high-speed footage recovered from a destroyed target ship captured the images of one such projectile, which are designated as SCP-1937-1, prior to impact. Photographic analysis suggests that iterations of SCP-1937-1 are identical in shape and ballistic profile of a 46 cm diameter Type 91 armour piercing round as fired by a 40 cm/45 Type 94 naval gun. However, during salvage operations of the target vessel, no remains of the projectiles were found.

A Type 91 Shell similar to SCP-1937-1

Whenever a vessel or aircraft bearing the Rising Sun Flag approaches SCP-1937, the object appears to enter a gradual state of transparency as the distance between such a vessel and SCP-1937 decreased. At a distance of 3██ meters, the object is barely visible, and any attempt to reach the object will result in momentary disappearance of SCP-1937. Witnesses involved in such encounters reported, "feelings of dread and horror" and some have reported hearing, "the sounds of intense gunfire, shouting, and screaming like from a distant battle." Prolonged staying within 5██ meters of coordinates ██°██′N ███°██′E have resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED] on ██ occasions.

The object, however, has demonstrated a weakness to Mark 8 super-heavy rounds fired by a Mark 7 406 mm 50-cailber naval gun, and will retreat back towards the center of coordinates ██°██′N ███°██′E. Battle damage suffered by SCP-1937 have been reported to slow repair. however, the object failed to be destroyed despite being struck with 87 Mark 8 shells and being reported as having suffered significant damage. As such, the United States Navy had donated the USS ████████, which had been "officially scrapped," to the Foundation for use in containing the object. SCPS ████████ has been upgraded with [REDACTED] in order to fire with a satisfactory level of accuracy outside the range of the subject's armaments.

SCP-1937 was first reported in Encounter 1937-1 on ██/██/53. Several US warships operating near Waypoint Theta Gamma 37 reported seeing the object at a range of 50 kilometers. When the heavy cruiser USS S██████ approached SCP-1937 to investigate, [DATA EXPUNGED]. After █ cruisers and 1█ smaller vessels were destroyed, the battleship USS New Jersey was forced to engage the object and managed to drive the subject towards Waypoint Theta Gamma 37, where it remained, allowing the remaining US Navy warships to withdraw. Following the incident, the Foundation was informed of the object and was given the responsibility of containing the object indefinitely. All external records of encounter 1937-4 were deleted including the existence of cruiser USS S██████. All affected officers and sailors had been administered Class A Amnesiacs.

On ██/██/55, the United States Navy donated the Iowa-Class Battleship USS ████████, designated BB-6█, which has been permanently assigned to contain SCP-1937. Crewed primarily by volunteers, the vessel, now designated SCPS ████████, is currently the last battleship in "active service".

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