Spectrum Spectre

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Night vision still of SPC-???? taken from field test I, 00:00:05 into footage

Due to the form of SCP-???? it is unable to be extracted a safe distance from local residents. The SCP Foundation has thus purchased the apartment complex containing SCP-????, constructing labs and personal residences for Dr.██████'s team who are to be stationed in apartments on the second floor of the complex. As SCP-???? has no effect on anyone outside of apartment no. 21 (now refered to as A21), no efforts are being made to contain it. However, to prevent locals from entering the complex and A21, the following changes have been made to the structure:
-The windows of all apartments are barred with a titanum alloy fashioned to resemble common rebar.
-Reinforced steel combination locks are installed to the front and rooftop entrances with the ███ digit code changed every 72 hours.
-A closed-circuit night vision/infrared camera is fitted in the 2nd floor bedroom of A21 feeding visual to apartment no. 22

Security personnel in disguise are to rotate their shifts every 3 hours, giving the appearance of locals entering and leaving their homes. After the incidences [REDACTED], no staff is permitted entry to SCP-????. Agent ████████ has since replaced Dr.██████ and resumed experimentation on SCP-???? ██/██/20██

SCP-???? is a windowless bedroom located on the second floor of A21 in ██████, British Columbia. The room is 20 (twenty) meters2 and appears on all security footage to be an empty room with hardwood floors and concrete walls. The room is unable to be illuminated by standard forms of light as the darkness within the room seems to re-direct photons at an exponential rate from the door, however it is theorized due to [REDACTED]. Some waves of light entering the camera lense seem to encounter no resistance from SCP-???? allowing infrared and night vision cameras to be utilized. All light wavelengths are in some way affected by SPC-????, monitor with extreme caution. It is yet to be confirmed whether radio and sound waves are also manipulated.

The second nature of SPC-???? has been encountered by Class-D personell during examinations of the rooms interior. Upon triggering a light switch located 1 (one) meter and N90 (ninety) degrees from the door, subjects claim the bedside lamps in the room have activated, although security footage shows no change in luminescence and infrared cameras do not detect any heatsource other than the subject. Subjects describe the room to have a bed, fireplace, two bedside tables, ████████████ and two lamps - all of which cannot be seen in security footage.

Night vision still of SPC-????-1 taken from field test I, 00:02:36 into footage. 4x magnification

Approximately 2:30 (two minutes thirty seconds) into the examination, SCP-????-1 appears visible to the night vision camera, though only barely as wavelengths emmitted are only borderline 106 meters in length. SCP-????-1 shows humanoid bone structure sporting an inverted joint system. Security footage shows no interaction between the subject and SCP-????-1, but audio suggests otherwise - See ammendum. Data from field reports implies that the visual from the security camera is false and does not show the realtime events in the room until the lightswitch is switched off. This along with the unnatural darkness and subjects' ability to physically touch objects which are not visually present in the room has lead Dr.██████ to predict that SCP-???? is able to bend and manipulate wavelengths of light ranging from the visible spectrum to infrared as well as wavelengths emmitted from the brain. It is uncertain as to whether or not SPC-????-1 physically exists or is simply an illusion produced by SPC-???? by manipulating wavelengths in the near infrared spectrum.


As Dr.██████ prematurely closed experimentation after [REDACTED] further tests will be without funding until Agent ███████'s paperwork is approved by The Foundation. Until then, nothing more can be learned except from reassessing footage and audio from field tests I and II.

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