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Visit to SCP-XXX by Dr. Garcia, Dr. Patel, and Agents ██████ and ████

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The vicinity of each location of SCP-XXX is to be patrolled by a marine vessel crewed and equipped in accordance with the specifications in Document XXX.2321.AE4C. Audio and video monitoring equipment are to be placed on the islet and repaired or replaced as necessary.

Description: SCP-XXX is a partially-submerged rocky islet. The exposed rock above the waterline measures approximately 30 meters in length and 25 meters in width, and rises to a height of approximately 22 meters above the waterline. The rock is composed of granite. The vertical rock face contains carved inscriptions in the Old Ge'ez script which are too eroded to be read clearly but appear to indicate that the rock was visited by Ethiopians in the fourth or fifth century BCE. The only macro-organisms inhabiting the islet are various lichens and small mollusks, although portions of the island are also covered with seabird guano.

The islet is a geographic anomaly; it is located in several different places at once. The islet's colocation properties extend to objects in physical contact or close physical proximity to the islet. Investigations have shown that at present, the islet is concurrently located at the following terrestrial locations:

  • 46.49████S 51.63████E (southwestern Indian ocean)
  • 12.01████N 37.18████E (Lake Tana, Ethiopia)
  • 59.54████N 68.40████W (Ungava Bay, northern Quebec)
  • 48.21████N 144.97████E (Sea of Okhotsk, near Sakhalin Island)
  • 60.98████N 20.17████E (Gulf of Bothnia, approximately 30 km west of mainland Finland)
  • 47.03████N 90.51████W (Lake Superior, approximately 100 km northeast of Duluth, Minnesota)

The islet also appears to be located at at least one non-terrestrial location; see test log.

The islet is frequently surrounded by a mist or fog which interferes with visibility. Under typical daytime conditions, a visitor to the islet is unable to see an object, such as a boat, that is more than 100 meters from the islet.

SCP-XXX Test Log

Reference Experiment
01 (Dr. Patel) Islet approached by boat from Ethiopian mainland. Distinctive medallion, 0.8 kg in mass, placed on islet. Islet approached by helicopter from Quebec. Medallion was in same position, relative to islet's topography, on Quebec islet as on Ethiopian islet.
02 (Dr. Patel) Islet approached by boat from Quebec. Shortwave radio transmitter placed on islet and activated, broadcasting coded homing signal. Triangulation of homing signals resulted in identification of the six "locations" of the islet described in "Description" narrative.
03 (Dr. Patel) Islet concurrently approached by boats from Ethiopia and Wisconsin. When both boats were within 60 meters of the Ethiopia and Lake Superior "locations" of the islets, the boats' crews were able to visually identify each other.
04 (Dr. Patel) Islet concurrently approached by boats from Ethiopia (with Agent █████ aboard) and Wisconsin. Boats met, and Agent █████ boarded the boat that had originated in Wisconsin. Boats returned to their respective ports of origin. Agent █████ experienced no anomalous effects other than the rapid transit between the points.
05 (Dr. Patel) Islet concurrently approached by boats from Ethiopia and Wisconsin, with each boat unspooling a telecommunications cable anchored at the boat's port of origin. Boats met within 20 meters of islet and telecommunications cables joined. Cable functioned as normal, except for the much shorter-than-normal transmissions time for wired communications between those points.
06 (Dr. Garcia) Islet approached by boat from Kamchatka Peninsula. Audio and video recording equipment installed at islet, to monitor islet's conditions for 33 consecutive days. No remarkable activity except for occasional visits by birds of diverse origins.
07 (Dr. Garcia) Islet approached by boat from South Africa. Rock sample drilled from islet. Upon analysis, granite found to be unremarkable. Hole left by sample drilling is apparent on all subsequent visits to the islet, regardless of the "location" from which it is visited.
08 (Dr. Patel) Islet approached by boat from Wisconsin. Personnel D-2341 left at islet with audio and video recording and broadcast equipment and six months' provisions. Thirty-one days after experiment commences, signal from islet is cut and AV broadcast equipment is damaged. Agent ████ approaches islet by boat from Wisconsin to investigate; recovers damaged equipment and reports that Personnel D-2341 is missing. Scraps of D-2341's uniform remain, with residue of D-2341's blood and blood-like substance not corresponding to any known organism.
09 (Dr. Patel) Islet approached by boat from Wisconsin. Boat remains on-site for 118 days. No remarkable activity except that on day 91, a canoe-like vessel, approximately 4 meters in length and crewed by three or four individuals (presumably human), with East Asian facial features and clad in animal skins, briefly approached the boat, shouted something unintelligible, and hurriedly paddled away.
10 (Dr. Garcia) Agents ████ and ████████ approach islet by boat from Wisconsin. On day 46, boat is struck by torpedo which fails to detonate. Torpedo resembes Kriegsmarine design but incorporates modern guidance and drive systems.
11 (Dr. Garcia) Agents █████ and ████████ approach islet by boat from Wisconsin. On day 77, boat is attacked and destroyed by large aquatic creature of unknown origin.
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