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Item #: SCP-1322

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1322 is to be contained in a sealed spherical Class-VIII containment chamber with ablative inner surface, hardened against particle beams, nuclear and conventional explosions and corrosives, and regularly inspected for damage and monitored for viral and biological contamination. Consult document 1322-C-SSR-V-0886 for addenda to containment protocol, as protocol is updated on a daily basis.

Description: SCP-1322 is a stable spacetime anomaly, presently hypothesized to be an interdimensional aperture to a parallel universe. The anomaly occupies a fixed location, around which Site-122 has been constructed in order to study and contain it.

The anomaly is roughly ellipsoid in shape, measuring approximately 2.5 cm along its longer (horizontal) axis and approximately 1 cm along its vertical axis. The anomaly is two-dimensional and coplanar with a plane perpendicular to the horizon and oriented approximately 36 degrees west of true north.

Matter and energy are capable of passing through the anomaly in the manner of a traversable wormhole. When lighting conditions in the space in the near vicinity of the other side of the wormhole permit, the space on the other side of the wormhole is capable of being directly observed. Particles and objects of a cross-section not exceeding the anomaly's dimensions are capable of being inserted into the anomaly and thus transported into the parallel universe. The anomaly does not conduct sound.

The parallel universe on the "other side" of the anomaly has been officially designated SCP-1322-A; although the term "Hartle"1 has also been colloquially used. The anomaly appears to have been artificially and deliberately generated from the SCP-1322-A side. The population of SCP-1322-A does not appear to have been successful in generating additional instances of SCP-1322-A, nor in altering SCP-1322's dimensions or closing it (notwithstanding extensive efforts on their part to attempt to do so).

The anomaly appears to have emerged in the standard universe in approximately the year 1952, with the Foundation establishing control over the anomaly's location almost immediately. Although the Foundation had initially conducted an extensive study program of SCP-1322, including communication with the civilization in SCP-1322 with whom contact was established, recent Foundation efforts have focused on containment. See containment log excerpts below.

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