spiney vines


Item #: SCP-0XX

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0XX is to be kept in a green house at site-███ co-planted with Malus × micromalus, otherwise known as the host plant. SCP-0XX is to be fed once a month using a small animal. Explosive charges are to be planted in the root system of the host plant and connected to an emergency switch on the outside of the green house. Armed guards are to be posted at all times and clearance is restricted to level 2 and higher.

Description: SCP-0XX is a carnivorous vine with parasitic qualities that will wrap itself around the trunk of any plant with a wooden trunk. It can be found either as a single vine, a group (2 to 10) or a colony (10 to 30) based on the size of the host plant. SCP-0XX measures roughly 1 inch in diameter and can grow as tall as the host plant. The root system penetrates the bark on any tree and grows near the surface of the tree drawing out needed nutrients. SCP-0XX will grow flowers along the host plant that emits a pleasant smell that causes a compulsion to step closer to inspect the flower. Along the ground SCP-0XX will grow 'roots' that have multiple barbs. When a victim reaches the flower to inspect the roots snap upright impaling the victim with the barbs which break off in the victims skin.

SCP-0XX-1 are the barbs along the vines' "roots". Each instance of SCP-0XX-1 carriers a single seed (SCP-0XX-2) and an unknown bacteria designated SCP-0XX-3. SCP-0XX-1 is covered in tiny hairs that once in the flesh of a mammal borrows to just below the surface of the skin while releasing an anesthetic and mild amnesiac. Both effects prevent the mammal host from noticing SCP-0XX-1 and even forgetting how it was injured.

Once fully embedded, SCP-0XX-2 will begin to multiply and start to break down the surrounding soft tissues to nourish SCP-0XX-1. One of the byproducts of this process seems to be a very powerful local anesthetic that prevents the mammal host from feeling pain in the afflicted area. This seems to be aimed at preventing the removal of SCP-0XX-1 while also giving SCP-0XX-1 the best chance for germination. SCP-0XX-2 will continue to multiply until SCP-0XX-1 germinates or until all soft tissue of the host mammal has been consumed.

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