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Item #:SCP-XXX

Object Class:Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a standard 10 meter x 10 meter concrete room no less than four meters high. It is to be placed on a specially prepared pedestal of no less than .5 meter height and equipped with remote functions to knock SCP-XXX off of the pedestal. Access to SCP-XXX's containment room is to be limited with two standard security doors. The doors are to remained locked except when experimentation is being conducted on SCP-XXX. The key sequence to access SCP-XXX may be obtained for testing from Dr. ████, no later than twenty-four (24) previous to the proposed test.

Description:SCP-XXX is a square pillar. It's footprint is roughly 1 sq. meter, and the base of the statue itself is a perfect square. It is approximately three meters tall. Composition of the statue have returned as primarily limestone, although impurities equal that found in common quarried stone are present. Much of the surface of covered with decoration of various types and materials (see addendum for full description), including depictions of historical events. There is no known pattern for the organization of the details.

Subjects react to SCP-XXX (primarily when in visual range) in two primary ways, the admiration state and the trance state.

The admiration state is most often seen in subject whom enter SCP-XXX's area of effect when occupied with another task. Subject experiences long-lasting euphoria. Even though exposure to SCP-XXX may be very short, subjects are able to list minute details about SCP-XXX, mentioning that they "saw an amazing statue lately". There are few lasting effects from the admiration state, other than a strong tendency to approach SCP-XXX at a later time.

The trance state is experienced by subjects who are primarily occupied with looking at SCP-XXX itself or those who are not otherwise occupied when in the area of effect. Subjects in the trance state will surround SCP-XXX. If there is accessible alcoholic beverages in the area, affected subjects will bring them to SCP-XXX's vicinity, not leaving the trance state if the leave the area of effect. If more than one subject is under the trance state, affected subjects will converse amongst themselves. If alone, subjects have been noted to talk loudly to themselves.

Subjects do not leave to the trance state unless acted on by an outside force, if there is no alcoholic beverages accessible to the subject, they will cease to eat or drink. Subjects left in the trance state eventually die, primarily due to dehydration and lack of sleep. When given access to sufficient quantities of alcohol, subjects will drink to liver failure (with none of the body's normal reactions to excessive drinking, such as vomiting, occurring).

The trance state can be interrupted by moving SCP-XXX. Preferably, this will be achieved via the pedestal. Attempts to move SCP-XXX by hand have a tendency to induce the trance state.

Note: Sentient SCP's are affected by SCP-XXX. Individuals with high Psionic Resistance Indexes are able to resist SCP-XXX's effects; however, there does not seem to be a hard level where resistance begins. Individuals with scores as low as 12 have been able to resist SCP-XXX, but resistance becomes exponentially higher as PRI increases.

Addendum [SCP-XXXa]:
An excerpt from Dr. ████'s log, after having experienced the admiration state.

"…The most notable feature of the piece is that it is encrusted upon every exposed surface with layer after layer of stone, wood, bone, metals (including precious metals such as gold and platinum, mundane metals such as steel and copper, and toxic metals such as lead and ores of uranium), gems, and cloth. A great deal of this material is merely decorative, and the piece is coated in metal studs, hanging rings and chains, wrapped in bands of material, including solid bands of rock, and in places encrusted with spikes.

These decorations only serve as a backdrop for the true work of the piece. In minute, sometimes near-invisible detail, the lives of historical figures, countless events of historical importance, and the daily lives and exploits of swarms of relatively mundane and unimportant beings, are engraved and sculpted upon the piece. It appears that the entire history of some kind of fanciful universe is inscribed upon the piece.

There seems to be no predictable sequence to the engravings; an image of a selection of cheeses ten centimeters from the left side of the north face is surrounded on all sides by scenes of battle and carnage…"

Addendum [SCP-XXXb]:
Subjects in the trance state maintain enough intelligence to operate [[SCP-294]], inputting "booze" for the drink selection.

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