Stone Cryptid
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The artifact when it was first found in [REDACTED]

Item #: SCP-1305

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The artifact is free to wander the foundation, given that it does not expose itself to danger such as high places, near easily-falling furniture, and the Containment Chambers of other SCP. Through SCP-1305-1, it may occasionally request metallic material as a source of nutrition. One (1) rock of Granite may be granted in a 24 hour period.
The artifact is to be kept in a 1.5 meter by 1.5 meter large wooden crate with no metal bearings and a 3 meter by 3 meter wall of 2 inch redefined plexiglass surrounding the crate. A level 2 key card is required to enter the containment area for testing. The artifact must stay at least twenty (20) meters away from any and all metal and rock-like substances at all times. During testing, SCP-1305-1 may be let into the containment area to communicate with the artifact. If SCP-1305-1 requests more metal for the artifact, it shall be denied.

Description: The artifact is a .6 meter (2 feet) tall brass statue of a fish with human features weighing approximately 30.9 kilos. As mentioned, the statue has humanoid qualities including a human face and realistic hands in place of fins. It has a silver plate brushed over with gold leaf that may have stated the sculptor's name but is now too distorted to read. Its face is stuck in a smiling expression and cannot move its lips, but can speak according to SCP-1305-1 (See addendum). It has, however, been seen [DATA EXPUNGED]
If it comes into contact with metal or rock, its body will begin to absorb it and the rock will become part of it’s shape, getting slightly larger when this happens.
The artifact is mobile and is able to drag itself across the floor using it’s brass fins, which are able to move like real hands when the artifact is awake but return to a stiff position when it is resting. It makes a noise very similar to the chirping of a cricket, which can be understood by SCP-1305-1 as actual speech, which has led personnel to conclude that the artifact is sentient.

SCP-1305 was brought to attention in a small town in a poor part of the Ukraine, when observers complained of constant and loud chirping, even though no cricket infestations were ever found nearby the source of the noise. People insisted that the noise was coming from the statue that sat outside of The ████ Cafe in [REDACTED]. It was eventually believed that insects may have made a nest in the hollow inside of the statute and were making all of the noise, but there were no openings or holes for the bugs to have crawled inside. Agent ██████ was sent to inspect this while undercover as a cafe worker. The owner of the Cafe, whom is a 56 year old Greek woman named Martha ████ , told Agent ██████ that she feared the statue greatly and wished to get rid of it soon because she would hear it speaking in the middle of the night. Upon hearing this information, both the statue and the owner [Now called SCP-1305-1] were taken to the foundation for testing.

Upon reaching the foundation, SCP-1305-1 was asked to speak with the artifact. Due to the fact that personnel could only hear cricket chirps, she was asked to translate its requests.
Due to the woman’s bad English, it is difficult to understand her translations, but through her personnel have gathered said information;

With time, SCP-1305-1 has developed Pica (The disorder in which a person craves things with little or no nutrition such as dirt, rocks, and ice) and often requests rocks for both herself and the artifact. Testing with the artifact still continues despite growing symptoms in SCP-1305-1.

Notes: "Can we at least try to contain SCP-1305-1 a little better? She chewed the head off of my goddamn paperweight!" - Dr. ████

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