Strange Mass

Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Euclid  

Special Containment Procedures: The mass is to be confined inside a 4 x 4 x 3 m vacuumed chamber, suspended within a 2.6 MW penning trap. A minimum of three (3) redundant traps is to be maintained at all times. A constant stream of ionising radiation in the form of three (3) redundant argon lasers is to be applied at 6.8 MW. In case of a containment breach the on-site stock of thermonuclear weapons is to be detonated in the hope that it will cause phase-shift of SCP-####.  

Breach of containment will theoretically result in an end-of-world scenario.  

Description: SCP-#### is a microscopic droplet, reflecting no form of radiation, approximately █.2 μm in diameter. It has an estimated mass of ~ ██.7 kg. SCP-#### is a plasma-like mixture of what are believe to be up, down and strange quarks.

The mass was recovered after an embedded agent at the ███ Research Facility reported anomalous readings consistent with those predicted for a stable collection of ██████████. The Foundation promptly dispatched MTF ███ to implement containment procedures. Class B amnesiacs were administered to all personnel involved.

The mass has a critical point of zero (0), and when brought into contact with with any matter it catalyses a conversion process which absorbs said matter into the mass. Due to the high density of SCP-#### it behaves as a liquid, even though it is in theory a plasma. This behaviour will theoretically result in the mass sinking toward the Earth's core, slowly converting the entire planet into a stable mass of SCP-####.

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